Grand European 2011 14th june


Me and my friend are planning on going on the 14th of June tour and were wondering who else is planning on going on this date as well?


Hey Krystal,

It’s impossible to find anyone doing it on the 7th, how long you in Europe for after the tour?


We are there another 9 days after the tour


heya! me, my cousin and my friend are doing this tour on the 14th of june! woo cant wait its gonn abe epic see you there! ;D


My friend and I are on this tour :slight_smile:


My mate and I are on this tour!
Has anyone received confirmation or an extended itinerary? We haven’t heard anything since we booked this trip last year…


Im on this one too! and im also from brissy :stuck_out_tongue:
doing it by myself so cant wait to meet up with ppl, who else is spending night b4 at the clink??


me, my cousin and my friend will be at the clink from sunday! we all from NZ!


Me and my friend are staying at the clink the night before :slight_smile: our names are blaze and Krystal. Look out for us everyone :stuck_out_tongue: so close! So excited!