Grand European 2008!


Hi Everyone![br][br]Me and my mate have booked in our tour for the Grand European leaving on the 17th June. Wanting to see if anyone else is going…[br]I’m also going to Thailand for 3 weeks afterwards in July/August.[br][br]Cheerio! ;D[br][br][br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand


Hey Liz,[br]My boyfriend and I have booked our spot to go on the GRAND EUROPEAN!! So excited! But are we the only ones??? ;DAre you staying at the Globetrotter the night before!! It would be a great chance to meet everyone and have a beer before our big adventure!!![br][br]Anyway take care![br]Ashley


YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! A reply!!! You’ve made my day Ash! All seems so real now that we’re going! Yer Shane and myself are flying into London from Perth on the 15th June and staying 2 nights at the Globetrotter. We’re not sure wot we might do in those 2 days though so it would be great to catch up beforehand![br][br]We’re definately not the only ppl, we have a guarented departure so chances are the tour will be full.[br][br]Where bouts you from?[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand


Hey Liz!!![br]I am from a small country town in SA but have moved to Adelaide for uni!! I have just broken up with my boyfriend so it will just be me!!! :frowning: But i am so excited. I leave Adelaide on the 15th of June and arrive in London on the 16th and stay that night at the Globetrotter! So it would be awsome to catch up with you guys before! I have 5 days in London after the tour so am pretty keen to see as much as i can!![br]Uni is flat out at the moment so this trip seems so far away! i have so much to do before!![br]I have cousins in Germany so im hoping i can catch up with them at some stage of our trip!! [br]Anyway take care and we will talk soon![br]Ash


Heya Ash! Sorry to hear bout your b/f situation hey, but props to you that you’re still going on tour and up for a good time![br]Yer I still have heaps to orgainise too, still have to get essential things…like my friggin backpack![br]I’ll send ya an email with my proper details and stuff.[br]Cheerio![br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand


Hey Liz,[br][br]Thanks for the reply…[br]Me and two of my mates are on this trip as well… [br][br]we arrive into london on 14th June and are catching up with a few mates before going onto the big trip…[br][br]the count down is on!!![br][br]Tracy


Yo![br][br]53 more days till we leave for Grand European 17th June! Puting a call-out again to see if there are anymore fine travelers![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!