Grand European 2007


I have booked the Grand European tour for 8 May 2007. I was wondering if anyone else has booked on this tour.[br][br]If you are booked on this tour please tell me as i would like to get to know some people before the tour starts.[br][br]Thanks kat22


hi[br][br]If you have been on this tour before i would be interested to hear about your experiences and any advice you could provide me as i have not been on a Topdeck tour before.[br][br]From kat22


Hi lanemel I was just reading your reply to kate22 about the Grand European. I am not booked on that tour but leave on May 22. I would just like to know what is the best way of carrying money. I thought about travellers cheques but I am also thinking about opening up a travelex account and just depositing the money before I go. I know most of Western Europe now use the Euro but this way might be easier. Any help from your past experiences will be very helpful.Thanks very much from Terry.


Hi Mel - thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. It gives me something to look forward to. It sounds as though the trip to the top of the mountain is a must see. I’m glad you said to kate not to worry about not having any responses because all I’ve had so far other than you are the reservation staff at Topdeck.Maybe travel agents should tell more people about this forum because I have learned so much about Topdeck and past travellers experiences. Anyway thanks again from Terry.


Hey Kat, [br][br]I’m going on the Grand European as well - leaving 8th May! I’m going by myself so would be great to know someone else too![br][br]Where abouts are you from?[br][br]Kristy


Hi Kirsty[br][br]I am glad to meet someone else that is going on this tour.[br][br]I am from Sydney Australia. Where are you from?[br][br]From kat22


Hi Kat22, [br][br]I’m from Melbourne! [br][br]To answer your other question about the sleeping bag, I’m taking a sleeping bag and liner - I’ve heard it’s good to take a liner for the warmer nights and you can just use that as a sheet. [br][br]So is this your first time to Europe?[br][br]Kristy


Hi Kirsty[br][br]I am from Sydney.[br][br]This is not my first time to Europe as I went to Europe in 2002/2003 and in 2005. I have been to Switzerland, Austria, London and Paris. I think that Europe is one of the best places to travel to.[br][br]What are you doing after the tour? Are you doing more travel or are you heading back to Australia? After the tour I am going to be living in London.[br][br]From kat22


Hey Kat, [br][br]It’s my first time to the UK/Europe so it’s all very exciting for me![br][br]Feel free to pop an email through to me on and we might be able to catch up before the tour - I saw in another message that you’re staying at the Globetrotters Hostel the night before and after the tour - I am as well![br][br]Kristy


Hi Kat (and Kristy too)! Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and let you know that I’m going to be joining you on the tour, along with four of my girlfriends! We’re all staying at the globetrotter the night before (and the night before that also) so if you wanted to join us all the night before feel free. You can email me on Cheers, Mikayla.[br][br]Mikayla


Hi[br][br]Is anyone else going on this tour as I have only heard of six other girls that are going on the tour?[br][br]Are there any guys going on this tour?[br][br]From kat22


Hi[br][br]So far I have met 6 other girls booked on this tour. I was wondering are there any guys booked on this tour?[br][br]From kat22


Hi Terry,[br][br]I am also going on the Grand European on 22nd May. As my name’s a bit complex and you can’t work out my gender from it, I am 24 y.o female from l’il old NZ.[br][br]I can’t wait to get going, it just feels like an eternity at the mo.![br]


Hi nice to meet you themanasi. Well at least I know two people from our trip - you and Scott from USA. I was starting to wonder if anyone else was going to respond. What part of NZ are you from?? I was over there for 19 days in 1984 and loved it - both islands on a Contiki tour but missed the Bay of Islands which everyone else said is really beautiful - oh well maybe next time. Are you staying at the Globetrotter before the tour starts - It looks nice in the photos. I suppose I will talk to you soon - Terry.


Hi Terry,[br][br]I’m Manasi actually and to make matters difficult, it’s pronounced without the second “a”. Like Nancy but with an M if you will. [br]I live in Auckland (Nth Island). I’m actually arriving in London a week before the tour leaves so I am staying in Ilford with family but since the tour will leave really early I’m tempted to stay at the Globetrotter the night before.[br][br]Whereabouts are you from?[br]M


Hi M I’m from Sydney and this will be my first time to the UK and Europe. I wanted to see most of Europe and this tour was the best mainly because of the number of days and all the countries we visit. I would love to go up to Scandinavia but the tours up there didn’t fit into my shedule because I am visiting friends in the USA after spending another week in the UK when the tour finishes and then a one week Caribbean cruise out of Miami. So if there was a short break up to Scandinavia for about 6 or 7 days I probably would do it as well. I hope between now and when the tour starts in about 9 weeks we will have more of a response for our May 22 departure.


Hi[br][br]Has anyone else booked on this tour yet?[br][br]I would be interested to meet more people that have booked on this tour.[br][br]From kat22


Hi[br][br]I’m from Montreal Canada but actually a was born in Colombia (south america)[br]I booked the Grand European tour for 22 May 2007. Its my first time in Europe so I’m very excited about it.[br]Sorry kat that im not in your tour. Can’t wait to meet Terry,Scott and Manasi. Special thanks to the girl who posted the pictures in flickr and to mel helpful advice.[br][br]DAvid


Hi David,[br][br]It’s not far now huh. I’m planning to live in London after the tour and I’d love to talk to people who might be doing the same?[br][br]I land in London on the 16th May, do my tour on the 22nd and then it’s back to reality after that - looking for a job/flat etc.[br][br]M


Hi M[br][br]I am going to be living in London after my tour.[br][br]Where are you planning on Living in London?[br][br]From kat22