Grand European 2006 - July 7 to Aug 3


Hi Everyone,[br][br]I am a kiwi girl (25 years old, currently living in USA) planning on doing the Grand European tour departing July 7 2006 with my best friend (also a kiwi). We just want to find out who else out there is planning on doing this trip… has anyone else signed up for this one yet?[br][br]Deena


Hi Mel, [br]Yes I did hear about the Rugby, I guess you guys were lucky this time…hahaha[br][br]Well sorry to hear about your trip getting cancelled, that sucks, but at least this way you will be on a trip with more people, I would hate to turn up and find out I would only be traveling with a hand full of others you know… and also, this way I will have an aussie to pick on![br][br]see you soon!![br]Deena


Hi Mel,[br][br]I am originally from Nelson but went to Uni in Christchurch. I have been in the US for 3 years now, and have lived in Boston for 18 months and Southern California (Huntington Beach specifically) for 18 months also. [br][br]I will be arriving in London on June 26th after a couple of weeks traveling in US and Canada and in time to leave for the Topdeck Edinburgh mini break (June 27 - 30) and then back to London for our July 7th depart date. [br][br]What are you doing after the trip is over, I am actually going to stay for a few years in London, and am hoping some others on the trip (esp. Kiwis and Aussies) might have the same plan. Would be nice to make some lasting connections during the trip you know.[br][br]Deena[br]


Hey Mel,[br][br]Bummer that you won?t be staying on in London.[br][br]Living in the US has been interesting, and while i think it has been better then I expected (although I don?t really know what I expected), I don?t see myself here long term - hence the move. I just feel that the people here are not on the same wave length you know, I have made some good friends, but not like you would back home. People here can be very fake - especially in California. Boston is a cool place, the people are more real over east coast I think, but the winter sucks (snow over my head), so I guess I like California for the place, but Boston for the people…[br][br]Anyway, I kind of feel like it is time to go and start a new adventure, and I already have a few Kiwi mates over in London so it was the logical place to go.[br][br]Hey, can?t wait to meet you and start our adventure A!!! Ahhhhhh its only 2 months now!!![br][br]Deena[br]


Wow, only 5 seats left!!! I am really excited now, that is so cool as I was a little scared we might be the only people going![br][br]I have not been to Europe before, so this is all new to me. My brother actually lives in London, so i will be staying with him before the tour, however, I was thinking that it might be worth staying at the Globetrotters hostel the night before seeing as we are leaving so early - I would hate to miss the bus!! I assume by you question that you will be staying there before the tour (is that right), if so I will be sure to track you down if we stay there too.[br][br][br]Deena[br]


Hey Deena & Mel,[br]just to confirm there is more people on the tour…well me anyway. My name’s Marcus (24 year old from rainy manchester england).[br]Travel agents told me bus was getting full so i’m sure its gonna b just wicked. [br]Mite b going down to London a couple of days b4, check out the sights. Yep i’m born in england and never really checked out London, been all over the world, especially to ur wonderful countries, but not checked out my own doorstep i.e.London and Europe (apart from Rome which is just amazing).[br][br]So, if u happen to check out this forum again, drop me a msg or email, mite meet up a day b4hand maybe[br][br]Catch u later [br]Marcus


Hi Marcus!![br][br]Thanks for posting man, its good to know that there are more people on the tour (and that?s not just what they are telling us!! haha).[br][br]I am actually moving to London, and this trip is the kick off for me of my new life in the UK. I leave here in 2 weeks now!!! I cant believe it, am super excited (so much so that I have a constant grin on my face and I think everyone at work thinks I am crazy!! hehe)[br][br]I will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn like Mel the night before the tour, will you be there? If so I will be sure to ask around and track you (and Mel) down.[br][br]See you soon!![br]Deena[br]


Hey Deena, Mel, and Marcus…[br][br]Im from Aus, Adelaide travelling on my own for the Topdeck tour…will be in Europe arriving london 28th june till september. [br][br]My Roman Chariot tour leaves on the 7th from Globetrotters as well…[br]Also, seems our first two weeks of travel are very similar if not the same, perhaps buses will be meeting up again at Topdecks accomodation?[br]Have you managed to book a bed on the 6th? Love to meet up if in Globetrotters…[br][br]Cheers,[br]Eliza


Hi Everyone! My name is Prue 19yrs old, i’m from Mona Vale in Sydney and i’ll be on the Grand European with you leaving on the 7th July! Although i’m starting in Paris because i’ll be spending time with friends i know a week before the tour starts![br]I can’t wait for the tour, i’ve heard so many great things about topdeck! I’m looking forward to going to Croatia, it looks like such a fantastic place![br]I guess i’ll be seeing you in just over a month!![br][br]Prue B-J[br]


Hey every1,[br]getting closer and closer tot eh start and weather has started to improve loads, even in manchester, which is a small miracle.[br][br]I somewhat tell a lie, i’ve seen a bit of europe.[br]When i was younger I went to Paris and that was amazing, esp as i studied french history at the time and Paris is rich in history (tho i didn’t go in the louvre which is pretty shocking)[br]Also been to rome which was pretty surreal (like an outdoor museum). Love the fact i get to experience them all again and all the other amazing places we get to go to. I’m looking forward to prague and berlin the most i think.[br][br]Anyhow, i’ll prob go to london on the 5th, so i’m up for meeting people on the 6th. Be nice to meet people up b4hand[br][br]Speak soon every1, its getting closer[br][br]Marcus[br][br]PS - Good luck in the rest of ur exams Mel


Hey,[br]well i’ve booked myself in at the globetrotters on the 6th so I can meet up with people in late afternoon maybe? And i’ve only just booked in, so I’m sure Mel that u won’t have a problem getting on.[br][br]Weather is just gr8 in europe at the mo and esp in Britain, in fact going to sun it up at a festival this wk with coldplay and foo fighters playing, can’t wait.[br][br]Sounds like Prague could be quite the fun nite out with booze that cheap!! The mind boggles.[br][br]Does sound like a lot of Aussies are on this trip, but it kinda figures as us Brits all invade Oz just as much as u come to europe. I love Oz, been twice, with Melbourne, Sydney and Whitsundays all giving me fond memories…and sunstroke :0) I jest!![br][br]On another note, this may not interest others but I’ve just realised, it’ll b the football world cup final on 9th July and like any deluded fan I think England will be in it and we’ll be in switzerland and I’m gonna go through hell, high water and glacial valleys to c it, it should be possible wouldn’t u think?[br][br]Anyhow, just a month away now to the start.[br][br]Speak soon[br][br]Marcus


Hey Marcus,[br][br]I am definitely keen to see the soccer world cup final!! I’m sure we can swing it. And like you I would like to think that England will be in the final (given that NZ is crap at soccer, England has always been my team).[br][br]It is only a week and a half now until I start my trip, ahhhh can?t wait. The grinning from ear to ear has now turned in to a giddy blur of excitement.[br][br]Hey have fun at the music fest this weekend. I have seen both Foo Fighters and Coldplay live (Foos three time) and both are fantastic!![br][br]See you soon![br]Deena[br]


Hi Mel, Hi Marcus,[br][br]FYI, just booked the Globetrotters Inn for the 6th aswell, see you both there!!![br][br]Deena


Wow, we’re posting so much that our folder is now a hot topic.[br][br]Just thought i’d post quickly b4 i set off for the festival. Seen coldplay and foos b4 and they’re something special live so i’m totally stoked for this w/e…and the world cup starts, can’t ask 4 much more, oh besides a 4 week sojourn in europe :0)[br][br]Good to hear u’re booked in the globetrotters on the 6th Deena, looks like we’re good to meet up on that day. R u booked for def as well Mel?[br][br]I’m glad others r up for finding the world cup final in switzerland, worried i mite have been on my own in that regard. All i need now is messrs beckham, rooney & co to fire the 3 lions to glory!!![br][br]Btw, oz have a real hard group in the world cup( i mean brazil…Japan and croatia r no walk over either), if u get to the 2nd round that’d be fantastic for you and u know what…i have a funny feeling u mite make it at least that far[br][br]Speak soon every1, its getting closer all the time!!!


Hi Mel,[br][br]My last day at work is tomorrow, my department threw a breakfast farewell for me this morning, was so nice it made me a bit sad. It feels so strange that I won?t be here anymore. Only 3 days till I fly out of here now…ahhhhh soooo exciting.[br][br]Anyway, I’m glad to hear you have booked the hostel for the night before - I will see you there!![br][br]Good luck for you last exam![br][br]Deena[br]


Hey,[br]well survived the festival and it was awesome. Coldplay and foo fighters were on a different planet, that good!!! Other good bands i could talk about but i’d bor u all.[br]But, i get to c foo fighters in manchester this w/e as well as the strokes!!![br][br]Hey Mel…told u i had a good feeling bout oz getting thru the 1st round, looks like i could b right, hope the last exam goes well.[br][br]Deena…so now ur holiday begins hey? Betya on cloud 9 at the mo, i gotta work another 2 weeks still…sigh[br][br]I love white water rafting, done it a few timeas and its wicked every time. Just depends on finances, that’s all[br][br]Anyhow,[br]speak soon every1[br][br]


whitewater rafting is completely wicked. i have now done it in interlaken switzerland, queenstown nz, and cairns, australia[br][br]different every time[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Im so jelous of all you guys!, im just starting to plan my euro trip for july 2007. :frowning: ah well ill be u guys in 1 years time. I Hope you guys have an awsom trip, hell mabey we can meet up next year when i fly in and you veterans can show me the ropes of Europe.[br][br]Gooo Aussis in the world cup!!! ;D[br]Have a few beers for me :D[br][br]No Regrets


Betya glad the exams are all over now Mel. U can focus on going crazy this summer. Work’s going real slow for me now, just want to get down to London and get this holiday started. World cup’s keeping me going, tho england’s performances r making my heart stop. Hope the aussies can beat croatia and make it to the nxt round, u were v v unlucky vs brazil and proved no one should take u lightly. [br][br]Anyway,[br]work finishes for me on 30th June, counting down the days to that, 7 working days left [br][br]


Hey Mel and Marcus,[br][br]I have arrived in the UK, currently in Scotland - it is beautiful here, much nicer then i expected, very green - I think i have been seriously deprived of green living in cali.[br][br]Anyway, on hostel computer so have to be quick - just wanted to say hi really, and that I cant wait to meet you both in a few days!![br][br]See you soon![br]Deena