Grand European: 1st May 2012


My name is Jazmine,

My boyfriend and I will be going on the Grand European and Greek Island Hopper Tours starting 1st May 2012, Is anyone else going on this tour? or having any advice when going on two tours one after the other?

Mega excited!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Jazmine

I am from Australia and I am also going on this tour, by myself. Should be fun! :slight_smile:


Hi Jazmine & Lee

I joined this trip today :slight_smile: It’s going to be my first time overseas & Lee I’m also travelling by myself. Are either of you staying in London before?

Looking forward to meeting you both :slight_smile:


Hey girls!
I too am booked onto this one! Solo from Brissy Aus. Will be staying in London before hand. Still havent booked my flights as yet though. When do you girls arrive? And have you booked your accom yet? Do you have plans after the trip?
I am so excited!


Hi Sammy :slight_smile:

i’m arriving in London on 27 April. I have booked the topdeck London break package (twin share with ensuite at Clink Hostel)…planning on doing the London touristy stuff before the trip & then I’m meeting up with friends in Oxford for a few days after. What are your plans? I can’t wait…am counting down the weeks!


I’m looking to leave Australia around the 25th, So I guess arrive London on the 27th? Depending on connections etc. Will be staying at the Clink also, and I am just looking at the London break package you were talking about and it looks Fab. Might jump on that band wagon! I am so so excited!
After Europe I will be off to be a Camp Counselor in America for half of June, all of July, and half of August, then who knows from there!
I will have about a fortnight after the tour to do whatever I please :slight_smile:


Oops made a mistake I arrive on the 28th April…leaving Cape Town the 27th. London break package works out perfectly if staying from the 28th. An extra night isn’t too expensive tho… I’m staying at clink again the night we arrive back from the tour. Cool if u get the package…maybe we could do the hop on hop off tour together, if u keen? I started visa applying last week & bought a bag for the bus… the trip still feels very surreal. USA sounds cool :slight_smile: It’s back to work for me after the travelling…


Hop on hop off tour together sounds like fun! When do you get in on the 28th? I’m still booking my flights, but it looks like I’m arriving london at 7am on the 27th. I will also be staying at the clink the night we get back from the tour too :slight_smile: what type of bag have you bought? I’m still trying to decide what’s best… :slight_smile:


I arrive at Heathrow at 7am on the 28th. Hope you get some good flight deals. Other things I’m keen to do in London is see a show & go on the London eye. There is so much to do in London, haven’t even started researching all the places we are going to in Europe :slight_smile: I bought a duffel bag on wheels…cos it’s lighter than a trolley case. Probably going to take an on board bag & leave it at Clink or with friends & use it to take all my excess stuff home. Do you have any friends in London? Trying to decide whether to buy a backpack or sling bag as a day pack. If u on facebook search for me under Jennilee Hey. Hope u had a great weekend :slight_smile:


Heya guys, only two months to go! Travelling solo too from Adelaide. I’m arriving in London 29th April early morning, was also looking at doing the whole hop on hop off tours aye. gonna be staying another night in london after too!
Gonna be awesome!


Hey! I am so so excited! :slight_smile: will have to meet up at the clink (I pressing that’s where you’re staying too?) when you get in :slight_smile:

Not long to go now!!


I get in like 5 or 6am…yea travel agents meant to get back to me on staying at clink…should be tho. gonna go straight into sight seeing…hopefully can get enough rest on the plane first lol


London next month…it’s going to be awesome :slight_smile: wish April would hurry up & come! Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


I think these next couple of weeks are going to drag! I bought mu luggage over the weekend! And on of those squishy neck pillows. Figure it will come in handy for the plane and the bus! I am on a red eye from Abu Dhabi to London, so I am hoping to sleep like a solid 8 hrs so I can jump straight into the sights too! April 26 COME AT ME!


Hi Everyone! I’m on this tour too. Going by myself from NZ. CliffK I also arrive early morning on the 29th 5.55am I think it is- are you going through Singapore?


Hey Michelle! Welcome to the little group :slight_smile: I’ve been counting on the calendar and it’s only like 33days or so until I fly out! I’m so excited! I’m flying from Brisbane, and I go via Singapore, Abu dhabi and then onto London… Going to be a loooooong trip. I’m sure it will all be well worth it!
Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Everyone! I am also going on this tour, i arrive into London early morning of 29th around 530am (flight goes through Singapore). This is my first time overseas and I am travelling alone from Tasmania. I am super excited cannot wait!! I am staying at the clink hostel both before (2nights)and after the tour (one night). Hopefully i am not too tired upon arrival as i want to sightsee like crazy in London! This hop-on hop-off tour sounds really good! Any ideas on the price etc??


Yup going thru Singapore! Best airport to transit thru (free showers, beds, movies etc) lol looks like we on the same flight.
Hop-on Hop off looks real good aye, get two days for price of one, and I believe they pretty regular too. i was looking at this one briefly, but there seems to be others too.


Hi Lauren & Cliff, I’m doing this one got it as part of a 3 day package thru topdeck when you stay at clink hostel. There is way too much to see in London…trying to narrow down my list of sights to see. Wow, Cliff Singapore airport sounds amazing! I’m going through Dubai…at least I have short stop overs. You guys got any plans for after the tour? See you both at Clink hostel…just over a month to go!


I fly out on April 26, so less than a month to go for me! 29 sleeps (not that I’m counting or anything…). I’m also joining Jennilee on the hop on hop off tour, when you guys get in on the 29th you should come along with us :slight_smile: The more the merrier!
Cliff and Lauren I also pass through Singapore, but only for an hour or so :confused: so won’t get to see nearly any of it! But it does sound awesome. I have a longer lay over in Abu Dhabi.
I’m having my birthday on the trip, so it’s going to be an extra special trip for me! woohoo!
See you all super soon :slight_smile: