Grand European 19th June


Hey I am going on this tour, am I the only one? Im 27 in sydney[br][br]Steve


Hi Steve,[br][br]No your not the only one![br][br]Im going on the Roman Chariot tour, that links up with your tour group for the first 14 days…or so Im told.[br][br]Im 22 also living in sydney. Have you ever been with topdeck before, or is it your first time like me?[br][br]Not long to go now.[br]Katie


oh cool! finally one person! :slight_smile: this is my first trip to europe! woohoo


Hi Guys! [br][br]Actually there are two others on this trip too! Myself and Emma (also from Australia) are going on the June 19th tour as well. We’ve been chatting for the past month or so on the other forum. So welcome to the trip and we’ll see you very soon![br][br]Heather


This is my first trip too…and I leave on Friday to meet up with some friends in London![br][br]Hi Heather and Em! thats good that me and steve arent the only ones on the tour.[br][br]Are you guys staying the night before at Globetrotter?[br]Cant wait to meet you all.[br]Katie


I’m glad to see more people are going! I leave on the 17th and will be getting into London on the afternoon of the 18th. Can’t wait to meet everyone, and I’m getting more excited everyday! 8 days to go!!!


Im doin the same Jilly! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,[br]Even though Im in London already Ill be arriving at the Globetrotter on the afternoon of the 18th as well. I didnt want to get up earlier than 6:30am on the day our tour departs![br]Hope we can all catch up the night before at the tour meeting and have a drink at the bar.[br][br]Any London questions? Cause if u have any, ill try and help you guys out.[br][br]Not long now…8 days to go[br]Katie