Grand European 19th June to 16th July 2012


Hi All,

Is there anyone taking this tour? I heard there is 9 more places left though I had already booked it, I will be travelling with a friend and would like to know more people during the trip and preferably before the trip. :slight_smile:



Hey I’m signed up for this trip! Noone else that has signed up has posted on this forum, which was getting me a bit nervous! I am going by myself and it will be my first time to europe!!

Can’t wait!



I am doing the Bosphorus tour tht leaves the same day. I’m no sure if my tour is combined with the one you guys are doing as well?


Hi guys!
I’ve signed up for this trip with a friend. First time going to Europe and im starting to get pretty excited… just not looking forward to the 24hr plane ride to get there, looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi People,

Sorry for being away for nearly 3 months, was trying to focus on my exams, it’s all over now and ready to have fun :smiley:
Another thread link on the similar subject would be “

Can’t wait to meet new friends :X




Im signed up for this trip!! How exciting, only a few more weeks! Im traveling by myself, but have friends in London and Denmark! Is anyone staying at the Topdeck hotel the Clink the night before departure?

Get excited