Grand European 19 July to 15 August


Curious whether anyone else is booked on this tour?
I am excited :smile:


I’ve just booked this one, looking forward to it! :smile:


Awesome! How exciting! @alexandrajorge and I were beginning to think we were the only ones :see_no_evil: Where are you traveling from?


Woohoo! How exciting! :grinning::grinning:


Travelling from Victoria, thinking of going a couple of days earlier too! First time travelling by myself so should be fun!


Another fellow Aussie! Looking forward to meeting you. Yes I am getting in on the 9th to spend some time with family :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’d like to see a bit of London thats why ill go a little earlier :smile: Where abouts from Aus are you from?


Good idea! I am from tassie :slight_smile:


This is going to be super awesome! :see_no_evil: I think we will all be in London the day before so should meet up!


Sounds like a good idea :smile:


I’m also booked on this trip! First time travelling by myself too, glad I’m not the only one :grin:


How exciting, it’s great finding more people! Where are you traveling from? Looks like us so far are all solo travelers so it will be fine :wink:


Hey I’m also think ping of doing this tour on this date!! I just got out of a four year relationship and need to getaway! I’ll be travelling solo :smile: I’m from Adelaide aus


@Charlotte_Mathe eeekkk you should definitely do it! It’s going to be so much fun and I think a lot of us will be solo! Sounds like you need it :smile:


I think I should too! This one has been my favourite and it’s good that other people like me are gonna go, I’ll be 23 when I go! And my first time to Europe!


Yup it goes to so many amazing places!! Yes everyone will be in the same boat just getting away doing something different! I am nervous about the traveling alone part but will be fine xx


I know all the places I wanted to go! I just booked yay, should make a Facebook group for everyone going :smile:


Yay how exciting :grin::grin: yes we should! Add me on Facebook: Nicola Mavros (should be the only one lol) you should also get the topdeck app for your phone there is a group chat there too!


Oh cool I’ll download the app now!


Yes we need more people on it :slight_smile: