Grand European 19 July- 15 August


Hi Anne, my gf and I are on this tour :slight_smile: we cant wait only 17 days to go…


Hi guys,

Been waiting for someone to post about this tour :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My best friend & I booked this trip a few months ago, we are staying at the Clink the night before, I’m getting so excited now!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Nicole,

So was I… I was starting to think it was just me and my gf going haha. How exiting is it now? We leave next week for England. What else have you got planned when your away?

We are staying at the Travelodge the night before, I read that is close by?


I know! We booked months ago, because the tour on the 12th July booked out so fast, but then it was a guarenteed departure until about 6 weeks ago so I was worreid it was going to get cancelled! Phew!

We arrive the day before the tour- so we are hoping we arent too jet lagged! But ater Top Deck, we are back in london for a few days then off to greece!! What about you guys?


Hey nicole, it’s Emma here Todds gf! You will probably be so pumped for the tour that you wont be jetlagged - with a bit of luck anyway! After the tour we have a few days in London and then we also go to Greece :slight_smile: What islands are you going to? Then were planning on getting a last minute deal somewhere as we have another 5/6 days to kill and dont really want to spend another 5/6 days in London… So exited now, we leave next Wednesday!! Where from Syd are you from? Todd is from NSW too - Up the blues tonight?? hahaha


Hey Emma! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
I’m hoping that will be the case! I’m getting so excited !!! All I can think about at work is… “in 2 weeks time I’ll be…” hahaha.
You guys are lucky!!! seems like you are going away for quite awhile. We are a bit rushed, We are in london from the 15th of August then leave for Santorini on the 18th, then head to Mykonos on the 20th, then Athens on the 23rd and fly home on the 24th!!!

What a disaster that state of origin was!!! I thought we had it - I’m from Cronulla & my best friend lives in the St george area- where is todd from!?


hey guys, lital here, im doing this trip solo!!
i cant believe its all happening tomorrow…wooohhooooo
quick question, how old is everyone?? ;D