Grand European 18 September 2012


Hello, fellow Topdeck explorers!

I am Elicia, 18, from Australia. As I was unable to find a post on this particular tour’s departure date, I thought I’d start one.
I am so excited, have booked and paid my deposit, WHO ELSE WILL BE JOINING ME for this fantastic adventure??? :smiley:

As I will be a solo traveler among you all, I would like to break the ice, maybe get to meet a few of you, even via email before we leave!

Also, I am staying 1 day before and 4 afterward in good ol’ England town and would LOVE to make some plans with you all to have a mini-post-tour-adventure… Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Safe journeys and happy travelling X
Elicia :slight_smile:


Hello Elicia,
I am not on your tour, but you can go on the Topdeck facebook page and
look for their Topdeck Meet app. You will find a few other travelers that are doing the same tour on the same date.

Hope you’ll have a nice trip!


Hey we have another forum for this tour under “European Tours” :slight_smile: I’m travelling solo too and staying at the Clink 3 days before we leave. Looking forward to it!