Grand European 17th July


Hey all,

Just wondering if any of you are heading out on this tour…m going to book shortly, m very excited to meet others going on this tour as i’m flying solo.

Should be fun.



Hi Louise, Im booked in for this tour as well and Im also travelling solo. Glad to hear i wont be the only one :slight_smile: Im also spending a few days in London before and after the tour if you want to meet up. So excited for this trip! Shell


Yay to meeting someone that is also travelling solo. Yeah i’m arriving on the 11th july. staying with family friends for the frist few nights, checking in to clink (hostel) on the 14th so might b able to catch up with you before we start…YAY

I’ve booked it now so its all locked in. Getting excited.


anybody else out there coming???


Hey guys,
I am looking at going on this tour hoping to book within the next week or so i will be going it solo awell



Yay Skye glad there is someone else coming…you around in london before you go?

Is there anyone else out there coming on this tour…would love to find out before we leave, we could meet up before the tour.


Its getting closer…anybody else coming on this tour besides myself, Skye and Shelley…please speak up, it has gone to guaranteed departure so there must be a few more out there…


Hi :slight_smile: I’m also booking this tour in the next couple of days, and was wondering who would be in London a few days before the trip and would like to meet up? I am keen to do a bit of sightseeing and am going solo also!


Hey Nicky, i get to london on the 11th july and am hanging out with my sister doing sight seeing and am checked into clink 78 on the 14,15,16th july so we could perhaps meet up and you could come with.


Hey Louise! I’m also arriving to either London or Manchester on the 11th july and spending a couple of nights with family but am planning to stay in London on the 14, 15, and 16th of July so that sounds perfect we should definitely arrange to meet up. What would be the best way to contact, email?


email is cool its hope to hear from you soon!!


Hi Nicki and Louise! I’m also staying at Clink78 on the 14th 15th and 16th of July and keen to sight see etc. my email is not long to go now!


Hi guys,

Im moving to London on the 7th and am traveling by myself on this tour as well so keen to meet up with you before we leave. Haven’t booked in at the Clink yet but will shortly. Email me at Hope to hear from you soon.


Awesome! Expect an email from me soon :slight_smile:


michaela thats great, can’t wait to meet you!!!


Hi everyone. I am moving to London and arrive on Friday 13th (unlucky for some, but no doubt very lucky for me) and am doing this tour on my own. I am looking at booking at the clink this week to stay there the night b4 & would love to meet up with you all as well ;D
So exciting!!!
My email is
Chat soon ;D


Yay Kristy…another person, i’m actually flying out of melbourne on the Tuesday 10th July. my email is is you want to email me.


Shall we all meet up for a drink at the Clink hostel the night before?! my email is, hope to hear from you all soon!


sounds good!!! i’ll be the blonde one…


drinks the night before sounds awesome. See you there!