Grand European 17May- 13June!


hi all
so exciting to read everyone’s travel plans!
i’ve finally booked my 6mnth european adventure which includes the 28 day grand european tour
just hoping to find some mates!


Hi There,

I’m also in Melb and tossing up about this tour for the same date. Have you travelled with Topdeck before? I don’t want to do a Contiki tour as I don’t want to ‘party’ all the time…so someone said to try Topdeck.

Why did you chose Topdeck?




that was actually my sole reason for choosing topdeck
I heard contiki is all about drinking and i really dont want to waste my time and money waiting for hungover people to wake up in the morning!
I just heard topdeck was better for those actuallty interested in seeing the sights
my sister and I are going, can’t wait!


Still waiting on anyone doing this tour!

at the moment looks like i’m the only one :frowning:

would really love to chat to people before hand

not long to go now!


Hi there,

I have just booked to go on this tour - first time to europe, travelling alone!! can’t wait, be great to know a few people before I head off :slight_smile:


awesome! finally someone else doing this trip!
my sister (19yo) and I (22yo) are going to be staying at the clink 3 nights before
have you booked any pre-accom?
Not long now! So exciting

Add me on facebook if you like :slight_smile:


Who’s coming?!


I’m coming! only 47 days to go!