Grand European 16 July 2016


Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else out there has booked this trip yet? :smile:


oh no! thought i had finally found someone on my trip but i’m going 19th July :frowning:


Hi Joe me and 2 of my mates will be on this tour prepare to party hard with us


Hi Joe,
My best friend Laura and I are on this trip! What country are you from? We’re Kiwis.


Ahhh best!! Im from Australia, Where abouts in NZ are you from?! :slight_smile:


Christchurch. What about you?


Nice one! I visited there last year, such a great place!! I’m from Canberra, I’m travelling with the Danial above and another Daniel too. :slight_smile:


Hey Joe.
My sister and I will be on this trip, also from Australia. It’s actually my first OS trip, so should be sweet :smiley:


Heya Sammy!! Nice to hear! How old are you two & Where are you from? :slight_smile:


I’m 26 this year and Steph is 22. We’re from Brisbane but I now live in country VIC. How old are you guys?


Groovy as, We’re all 19, turning 20 later on in the year!


Oh sweet. That’s awesome! We have a week in Italy and a week in London before the tour, so I’ll consider myself and experienced traveller like the rest of you lot by the time we get on the bus haha. So keen!


Hey Joe,
Myself and 3 friends are on this tour as well, we’re from Sydney :smile: Super keen!


Hi Sammy,
I read you’re in London before the tour, so are we! Where abouts are you staying? :smile:


Hey Laura.
We are staying at Wombats. I think it works out to actually only be about three days before the trip. But still enough time to see some sights haha. Where abouts are you guys staying?


Oh awesome, we’re stay at wombats as well! Yeah squeeze in a bit of London before the tour


Ahaha oh awesome as!! Were also staying at wombats from the 11th! :slight_smile:


Haha sweet, sounds like we’ll meet before the tour starts !


Hey Joe, I’ll be joining on this trip when you guys get to Paris. Im from Wa :slight_smile:


I’m part of the Roman Chariot tour so I’ll be with you all until we get to Rome, I’m 24 from Melbourne and staying at Wombats the night before we leave! Keen to meet you all for a drink :slight_smile: