Grand European 15th of June - 12th of July


Hey everyone![br]I’ve booked this tour departing on the 15th of June next year. I will be going with my best friend. Is anyone else doing this same tour?[br][br]For people who have done this tour before, what were the highlights and lowlights of the trip? How much money do you think will be needed? [br][br]Thanks,[br]Steph


Awesome :slight_smile: I can’t believe it is just 5 1/2 months away… so close yet so far away at the same time. What are you looking forward to the most? I can’t wait to see Barcelona, as well as the Riviera. I’m so excited now just thinking about it haha.[br][br]Steph


Yeah I asked my family to buy trip related presents too haha.[br][br]This is my first Topdeck tour, though I have been to Europe before. Last year I stayed in Budapest and Prague (which is amazing! I’m so happy that the tour goes through there as well).[br][br]Have you sorted out pre/post accommodation yet? I’m staying at the Clink hostel, which doesn’t look too bad.[br][br]Steph


How long is your flight? I’m assuming around 10 hours, so you might not have an issue with jetlag anyway. Staying in a hotel the night before is a good idea though just in case haha. I’m only staying in London till the 13th :frowning: [br][br]I’m definitely taking a suitcase. I just measured mine and found that its 5 cms wider and longer than what it should be… I’ll have to ask my travel agent about that, but hopefully it’ll be fine! How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I turn 20 when we’re in Croatia, so that’ll be interesting!


11 hours… I’m so jealous! From Sydney it takes 23 hours, though at least I have a quick stopover in Bangkok.[br][br]Hopefully your friend decides to come! My friend has paid the deposit but I have a feeling she doesn’t really want to go now… I guess I’ll find out sooner or later.[br][br]Happy New Years too! The tour seems so much closer now that we’re in 2010 :slight_smile:


[br]Hi! I’m doing the tour this time too with my boyfriend Josh! We’re so excited! We’re just now trying to figure out how soon to come before the tour and how long to stay after. We’re probably flying in from Los Angeles since we’re from So-Cal. This will be my 1st time to Europe and my boyfriend’s 2nd. We’re both sooooo excited! We have a countdown! Can’t wait to meet everyone!!! [br][br]ps. if you guys have any tips, let me know <3[br][br][br][br][br]chloe skirvin


Hi everyone, this is Rachel and Erin, we are coming on this tour as well.
We are from Auckland, New Zealand.
We are going to be staying at the Clink hostel for a week before the tour, doing the tourist thing.
This will be our first time going to Europe, getting really excited now that its so much closer, only 18 weeks to go!!!


Hi everyone,

I’ll be joining you on the first leg of this tour down to Rome. First time in Europe and going solo. It’s going to be great fun. Not too long to go!



Hello again Rachel & Erin here,

Yay just 11 more weeks to go!!! We are getting really excited now!!!

Is anyone else going to be staying at the Clink hostel before the tour??

When is everyone getting into London?? It would be cool to catch up with people before the tour.


Oooh more people! :slight_smile: How exciting! I have a feeling the next 83 days (untill the 11th) is going to drag! (I have a weekly countdown in my phone hehe).
I’m staying at the Clink too. I bought one of those Lonely Planet guides recently and they recommended the hostel so hopefully it’s decent!




me and a gf will be going on this tour, i would have turned 26 by then and she will be 24, this is our 1st time in europe so cant wait. Were coming from sydney and will be there the night before at the Clink hostel, so i can see some pre meet up drinks will be in order. Count down is on…

bring it on !!! :slight_smile:


hello all,

My name is Laura and i have just booked to go on tour with all you guys which i am incredibly excited about. I am 21 and this will be my first time in europe or practically anywhere as i have barely been out of Victoria so I am completely shit scared haha.

I fly out of melbourne on the 11th June and will spend a couple of days in a motel or something to sleep off the jet lag and then have the night before the tour booked at the clink (otherwise it was booked out they told me). I am real keen to meet any of you guys there that night to suss out who i will be spending my next month with :slight_smile: cant wait

Just wondering at your luggage situation, as i see this has been discussed previously but I still am completely undecided over suitcase or backpack, as i currently have neither it doesnt really worry which way i go but i am thinking suitcase just for ease of packing and getting to stuff along the trip.

Look forward to hearing from you guys


Hey Laura,
I personally think suitcases are more practical (Can find things easier, etc.), but then I have also read that backpacks are easier to carry around. It really does depend on your own personal preference!

Just a quick note, I created a facebook group for this tour If that doesn’t work then you’ll be able to find it through the search bar!


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is getting excited (and hopefully not worrying too much about this volcano thingy that is happening cause i would be bloody annoyed if i couldnt get over to london because of it :))

So i took the plunge and decided to buy a suitcase yesterday. i bought a 64cm one but it looks so big when i got it home, so just wondering about the sizes of yours?

My other question is where everyone is staying if they are not staying at the clink the few days beforehand. I could only book the one night prior to the tour as the rest were booked out for the other nights i needed so i am now looking for a hotel within the area. My travel agent cant seem to find anything nearby through her wholesalers but i have noticed online there is a fair bit of accomodation around the area, so if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Another thought has anyone sorted out their phone for over there with the top deck sim thingy they say we get cause i cant really work that one out?

Well look forward to seeing everyone soonish :slight_smile:


Hi Laura,

I have a back pack which i wish looked big but it really doesnt so im really worried about being able to fit everything in that i want to take with me.

Erin & I are staying at Clink almost the whole time we are there before the tour, we arrive into London on the 6th of June, the first 2 nights we are staying at the Alexandra. Im not sure how close it is to the Clink hostel though.

No i havnt sorted out my phone yet we are just going to do that when we get over there.

Isnt the time flying by sooo fast its so exciting.

See you all soon

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hello there,

Well I beleive most people are taking suitcases as far as i can see now and they are all pretty big so i am a little releived about that, but i feel i have far too much stuff as well :slight_smile:

I ahve booked into the Holiday Inn on Kings Cross which according to google maps is a two minute walk from the Clink so hopefully that works out ok for me, it was a pity i couldnt get into the clink when i booked but ah well.

I cant beleive how close it has gotten, i have to admit i am definantly a little nervous to think of myself being on the other side of the world by this time next month, but am very excited.

see you very soon ;D


Hi everyone! I’m stoked that I found this forum, I was beginning to get super nervous about not knowing anyone before the trip. So my name is Cassie, I’m 22 from the United States and I am way too excited to go to Europe and meet all of you. Never been to Europe, but I’ve traveled to many different countries before- never on my own though! I just graduated from college and got this trip as a graduation gift and I just keep counting down the days, we are going to have so much fun! Let me know who everyone is so I can start memorizing names ;). Look forward to hearing from ya!