Grand european 14th august


Hi all,
Have just booked grand european on 14th august 2012.
First time traveller from perth western australia travelling solo.
Is anyone booked on this tour?


Hey, I just booked this tour too :slight_smile: so excited!


hi kiersten,that awesome! are you travelling solo?


I am, was meant to go with a friend but didn’t work out so now its just me. Can’t wait to go!! Do you know anyone else on the trip??


no,not yet have post here and on facebook!


hey kiersten & gaz, i’ve just booked this tour too. first time in europe, and going solo for now, at least until i find some people to float around with. just arriving london a few days before tour starts, and am traveling europe for a few months after this tour before settling down for a bit in the uk somewhere. all sounding very vague isn’t it…keeping it open :slight_smile: do you guys have any other travel plans? very excited!


g’day amelia,it my first time out of australia so am super excited.I’ll be arriving about a week early around the 8th,after completion of tour have another 10days in london before i depart for a tour of oktoberfest with the fanatics. Looking forward to meeting new people and having a great experience too! :slight_smile:


cool gaz, i’m doing oktoberfest as well – i need to hurry up and book it though, accommodation is at a premium, as are spots on tours!! am thinking i’ll do a few days from 28th September.

i bought a pack over the weekend. how the heck do you fit everything in to 70 litres??

four month count down woo hoo!!


fantasic amelia,i’m buying a backpack for my trip this week.
this is the tour i booked on for oktoberfest .four months will be here in no time see you in london!


See ya in London! Awesome to finally say that ay.

Staying at the Clink night before tour departs.


Hey Amelia
I’m going to London about a week before the tour starts and staying with some friends… ahh can’t wait! Apart from that and the tour no more travel for me :frowning: Its awesome ur living in London for a bit - I lived there for a year and it was amazing. Only thing is I wasn’t as smart as you and didn’t travel europe first!


We will just have to make the tour amazing and hilarious then and send you home exhausted Kiersten. Look forward to getting some tips from you from your time there.

Enjoy your week with your friends & getting amongst some Olympics craziness too. Is it seriously nearly half way through April?


That sounds awesome n I can defintely show u round london :slight_smile: Only 4 months to go… i cant wait… i got bored at work the other day n countd down 16 weeks in my diary lol :stuck_out_tongue: do u have facebook?


hi kiersten how the planning going? just a question do we need a visa for any of the countries we are going too? i’m a little confused!


Hey Gaz,

I don’t think we need any visa’s - all the countries we’re going to are in the EU i’m pretty sure and there’s nothing about it on the website :slight_smile:


That would be sweet! Cheeky pre-tour beverage or something. Not long ay. Not on facebook at the moment, will have to fix that before I leave!


yay,finally airfare booked! and have booked a few nights at the clink.


Hey guys. Me and my mate will be attending this tour. Cant wait, only 7 weeks to go. We are also continuing our travels for another 2 months after. Going to the Oktoberfest aswell.
After Europe we are going to be settling down in London and finding some work, hopfully living there for a year or 2 :slight_smile:


Anyone else counting down? Seven work days left for me…doesn’t seem real yet. Even though check-in is some ungodly hour at the Clink, I’ll be grinning my face off.

Has anyone sorted out a drink or anything before tour starts? I’ll be at the clink night before, holler if you’re keen. I’ll be the one at the bar with a beer.

How’s everyone’s planning going? Johnny you guys must be crazy busy too, moving to a new country, it’s nuts ay. My life is almost reduced to a backpack. Almost.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone.


What?? Its coming up soon? oh shit…prob should organise a passport… :stuck_out_tongue:
Were counting down the seconds. i got another 2 weeks of work left. Cant freakin wait!
Im not to hecktic, pretty cruisy actually, just trying to sell my car and sort out a couple of things.
We are landing in London the night before the tour starts, so we probably wont be as lively lol.
only 3 weeks to go though, be good to meet an all new tour :smiley: