Grand european 13th oct 2006


hey,i will be doing the grand european tour on 13th october 2006 and travelling alone.staying at the express by holiday inn the night before.wondering if anyone else is staying here prior to the trip???


Hey ;D[br]Im doing the same tour. I have already put up a post on this site and have found another who is also doing the same tour but the both of us are staying at the globetrotters inn :frowning: but glad to see u coming on tour with us ;D[br][br]


Hey Mezza[br][br]How are you?? I am the other girl that Sammich was talking about! We are al travelling alone!! Where in Aus you from? Cant wait aye! Pity your not staying at the Globetrotter…[br][br]Tess[br]:slight_smile:


hey tess.glad to see there are others travelling alone.i can’t wait!!! im from sydney…