Grand european 13 oct 06


Hi:)[br][br]I will be travelling alone on the Grand european tour on the 13th of oct 06 and will be staying the 11th and 12th at the globaltrotter inn before the tour. I was wondering who else will be doing this tour? [br]


Hey there i am doing that tour as well and also travelling by myself… cant wait!! Will b staying at the Globetrotter inn the night before! [br][br]Cant wait aye !![br][br]Tess[br];D


[br]Hey Tess [br][br]Yeah I cant wait either ;D Where are u from in Aus? [br]


Hey Sammich [br][br]Im a Perth Girl, but am living in London as a nanny at the moment, where are you from? how old r u? I am so excited and its good that there is sum1 travelling alone too! [br][br]Tess


Hey Tess :)[br]I live in syd but Im from Qld and Im 28. How long have u been in London for? How old are u? It is good to know that Im not the only one who is travelling alone too ;)[br]would u like to chat via emails rather then on here?[br]Sam (sammich) [br][br]


Hey we have managed to find 3 of us doing this tour (Tess, Mezza and me :)) is there any body else who joining us :slight_smile: [br]


Hey Sammich, [br][br]dont think my email is working !! no ones getting nefing im sendin so will chat to u on this until its working… going to Scotland on Friday! ;D[br][br]


hey I’m going on the grand european tour on the 13th oct too and travelling alone! leaste there are others doing the same YAY! ;D[br][br]No idea where I am staying the night before maybe I should stay at the globetrotter inn…


Hi Viv :)[br][br]Glad to meet you. Where are u from in aust?[br]If u are choosing to stay at globetrotter inn I was told that there wasnt any vacancys left but they may become free and they did so if ur considering staying there maybe you should try and book asap :)[br][br]looking forward to meeting u:))[br][br]Tess :))[br][br]how are u?[br][br]yeah sure no worries about ur email address. Enjoy ur trip :slight_smile: [br][br][br][br][br][


Hey[br][br]I’m 19 and from a country town in Northern Victoria but have been in Edinburgh since April.[br][br]Can’t wait for this tour so excited! Might hold of booking at the Globetrotter Inn until I’ve properly paid for my trip, still waiting for funds to be transferred from Aus account to here, it’s a real pain in the bum! but if the globetrotter is full, I’ll find somewhere else to stay or crash at a rellies place![br][br]Are there many people going alone on this trip?


Hi :)[br][br]Cool That must be exciting being in Edinburgh. [br][br]From what Ive read Mezza is staying at express by holiday inn. If globetrotter is full and u want to stay at a hostel the night before I think that it is another pickup stop for the tour. [br][br]cant wait to do this tour either :slight_smile: [br][br]so far the four of us girls have found eachother and we are all travelling alone but as for the others I’m not sure.[br][br]


Hey guys [br][br]Sammich back from Scotland (topdeck tour) was AWESOME and has made me even more amped for our big trip!!! met three of the guides and am in contact wid two of them cos they mite be our guides hope so cos they are good fun!! Top deck was awesome on this tour so can only hope!! So there is four of us now … thats pretty cool slowly building up!![br][br]Oh and i was at the Globetrotter and there are still possies for ne1 needing a place to stay b4 hand!! Cant wait to catch up guys … we will have a blast!![br][br]Tess


Hi Tess[br][br]Glad u enjoyed Scotland didnt realise it was with topdeck. Good to get some feed back on what they are like. Are any of the other places ur going with them aswell?[br][br][br]yeah we are slowly building :)[br][br]can wait till we go!!![br][br]Sammich [br][br][br][br][br]


That is the only place i am going with Top deck! Im with another company going to Oktobafest and then by myself the rest! My net at home is broken so will b offline for a while! [br][br]Tess ;D[br][br]Oh and the Globetrotter is awesome … great fun, great people!


Hi all, [br]My friend and I will be joining you on this tour as of today. Our original tour was cancelled and we were offered this one… Sounds Awesome!! Can’t wait. We are both from Qld in OZ. We are staying a few extra night at the Globetrotter as well. Can’t wait to meet you all.[br]


hey pjw[br][br]glad to hear there r two more people on tis tour !! so excited to go on this tour !! fun fun times ahead!! r u in London atm ??[br][br]Tess


Hi Tess, No I live here and will be going over for the tour. Can’t wait to go exploring!!! [br]You might be able to suggest some must-do sights to see in London, as our time there is limited to the couple of days b4 tour???


Hi all [br][br]glad to see some more people who will be on our tour :)[br][br]Tess how was ibisa?[br][br]looking forward to meeting u all [br][br]Sammich[br]


Wow! I haven’t been on here in ages (been at Leeds festival and Electric Picnic festival in Ireland) it’s great theres so many of us going on this trip! I managed to pay my trip of completely the other week YAY! Just need spendingmoney now lol![br][br]Not long now, like 5 weeks! Oh I can’t wait! I’ve found a mates floor to crash on the night before so don’t think I’ll be at the globetrotter![br][br]Can’t wait to meeet you all!:sunglasses:


Ibiza was unreal and it was great to get in a bit of sun!! they club we went to was a mtv special so hey il be on the telly!! [br][br]pjw are you staying at the globetrotter when you first get to london… if time fits ill take you and sammich out to some of the must see sights!! I finish work in 3 weeks then i start my travel then il see all u fine people!! [br][br]have a good one guys [br][br]tess;D