Grand European 13 July to 9 August


Hi everyone!

Just wondering who else is doing the Grand European tour starting 13th of July to the 9th of August?

I’m a 26 year old female travelling on my own for the first time so it would be great to to get to know other travellers before the tour starts! :slight_smile:



Hi Andreea,

I am on the same tour, good to see someone else is on the tour. :slight_smile:

I am 29 year old male travelling on my own also from New Zealand. Not long now, i am staying at the clink the night before and the night after the tour.

Have you been to europe before?



Hey guys,

I am so glad this forum was started, was beginning to feel as if I was the only one for this date!
I’m a 21 year old female travelling on my own (also from New Zealand). I’m so excited for this trip as I’ve never been to Europe before! Not long to go now!




Yes I was thinking excactly the same thing, thought i might be the only one on this tour for 28 days.

Where abouts in New Zealand are you from? I am from Auckland.



Hi both

Phew…very glad to see there are others out there on this tour!!!

Have any of you been to Europe before? This will be my first time so I’ve already started counting down the days! I’m glad you’re both from this side of the world too! I’m from Sydney (Australia).

Have any of you been on Topdeck tours before?

Look forward to meeting you both very soon! ;D




I was in England and France on holiday about ten years ago, but thats it, i have never been on a top deck tour before.
I leave NZ on the 3rd of July so just over a week away…

Are you staying at the clink the night before the tour?



I don’t leave Australia till the 8th of July so I still have a couple more weeks left. I’ll be at the clink too the day before the tour starts - I hope it’s alright cause I’m hearing different reviews about it. As long as nothing gets stolen I can put up with just about anything else.

What are you doing in terms of entertainment on the bus? I’m just thinking if we’re travelling long distances we might get bored but I’m not sure if I should bring a laptop or something. I’ll take my ipod with me just in case but there’s only so much music I can listen too.

Any suggestions would be great.

Are you going back to NZ afterwards or will you be staying in Europe longer? I’m actually thinking of working in London for a while once the tour finishes but it will depend on how much I like it there.



Yeah the reviews on the Clink are pretty average, but i couldnt be bothered trying to get there so early on the start of the tour if i stayed somewhere else, i am worried about gear getting stolen, but i guess just be careful and keep your bags locked. Might catch up for a drink the night before.

Havent really thought to much, in total i would say we are going to be on the bus for a very long time, yeah was just thinking Ipod, to much of a hassle trying to take a laptop for me. Cards?? not sure what else?

After the tour i go to Spain with a school mate for a week, then visit family in Northern England for a couple of days then back to NZ on the 22nd of August - be tough going back to work after having 7 weeks off.


Wow sorry I have been slack in replying! I’m also in Auckland. I’m leaving NZ on 4 July (just over a week to go) and heading off to Greece for a few days before heading into London to explore for a few days. I have booked one nights pre and post accomodation at the Clink Hostel.

For entertainment, I’m taking my ipod touch as I can put movies, games, photos, check emails/FB etc on it. But lets face it, we’ll probably just sleep on the bus anyways! The European nightlife is said to be amazing!!!



We should definitely catch up for drinks before the tour…perhaps we should stay in touch via this forum till we meet?



That sounds great, I’ll be in London from 9 July (but staying in other premises). Looking foward to meeting you soon



Hey Suzanne

I’ll be in London from the 9th also!!! As I’m travelling solo I’ll be there on my own and my plan is to just wonder around seeing some of the sites and checking out some of their shops. If you want to catch up for coffee/lunch during the day before the tour starts let me know. :slight_smile:



I arrive in London on the 6th July but are heading South on the 8th to see Family and will be back in London on the afternoon of the 12th, have to catch up on the afternoon/night of the 12th before the tour starts

Only 3 more days till i leave NZ!



Yea that sounds great! I’m meeting up with an NZ friend on 10th, but we could def meet up on the 11th. We could meet up outside the Clink hostel and figure out where to go from there?

Only 4 days till I leave NZ now! Can’t wait!!!



Hey Suzanne

That sounds good; it will give me a few days of checking out the sites first. See you outside Clink on the 11th - is midday ok for you?

Carlton (& Suzanne) - drinks on the 12th is good; we might as well start the party early :wink: Outside the Clink also?

You two are sssoooo lucky! I don’t leave Australia till the 8th so there’s almost a whole week to go! At least from tomorrow I can start counting down the days!!!



Yea that sounds great! Also drinks on the 12th would be awesome as it is the last night of the FIFA world cup so the atmosphere would be amazing.



Hello all!

My name’s Elliot, me and my gf Hannah are doing the London to Athens 18th July to 9th August. Does this mean that we join in with your crew from the 18th?>??? Would be great to find out who were going to be touring with. :slight_smile:

Very excited!


Good point Suzanne with the world cup -definitley have to go out for a few that night, i am not sure how this will work but i guess if we meet outside the clink at a set time and then go from there…

Elliot sorry i am not sure if this meets up with the London to Athens tour or not.


Hey Suzanne…I’m so sorry, I think I missed you today at the Clink hostel. I went out to Queen’s Mary gardens in the morning and got lost on my way back so didn’t get back here till almost 12:30!!! I’m so very sorry if you were waiting here.

Well my number here is 0401 252 216. I think you may need to dial 0061401252216 if you want to get in touch with me. I’m open to going for drinks tonight if you get this in time, otherwise I shall see you tomorrow night!