Grand European 12 Sept!


Anyone else booked the Grand European departing 12/09/17!! Not very long to go now.

A girlfriend and I are travelling from New Zealand! =)


Yo!!! Yeah I’m going on this tour too. Are you guys staying in London for a bit prior to departure? I’m getting there 2 days before the tour leaves and I have no idea what I’m gonna do lol.


Hey!! Where are u travelling from!?
We get in on Sunday and straight into Tourist mode - we fly straight to USA when tour ends :sob:


I’m travelling from Sydney, Australia! I think I get in on Sunday as well. Are you guys staying at the place the tour leaves from?


Heyy we might even be on the same flight, we flying Qantas - stopping Sydney and Dubai, we are staying with a friend :blush::blush:


Hey guys! I’m looking at booking this tour tomorrow! Last mintute getaway. Super keen to get the ball rolling and check out all the awesome people I will be joining on the tour :smile:


I arrive in the morning on the 10th sept. I’m staying at our meeting hostel “wombats city hostel” before and after the tour. I have an extra week after the tour to do some exploring. Not sure where I’ll be doing yet.


I think I arrive around 2pm on the 10th. If you’re keen to meet up that’d be cool, otherwise I have no idea what I’ll be doing. I’ll add you on facebook :call_me_hand:


Sounds good. I arrive at 4:30 on the 10th