Grand European 12 June 2012


Hello all,

I have the Grand European tour booked, departing London on 12 June 2012…

Any others on this tour? I’d love to be in contact with you :slight_smile:



Hey, I’m thinking of doing this trip too. Will be deciding for sure in the next few weeks but hopefully it will be a yes :slight_smile:


Hi Renee,
We are booked in for the 12th too - me and my boyfriend and a couple of friends of ours. Its our first time overseas and first trip with Topdeck, so we’re really looking forward to it. We are taking 18 months to go around the world (working and travelling in Europe for a while) and this is our main tour. We’re off to the US in March for just under a month and then the UK, have you been overseas before/got any tips?!

Helen & Zack


How exciting!!!
18 months? That’s super rad! I’m off to Europe for 5 months :slight_smile:
Yes I have travelled overseas! It’s lots of fun.
Are you staying at Clink pre Topdeck?
How old are you guys?


myself and my two friends have booked for this trip aswell. we are also planing on doing a working holiday after the tour is over. yes we are staying at the clink pre topdeck. yay so exciting let the count down begin ;D


We are both 23, and will be working for the couple of months before we do the tour! We have begun the countdown!! CAN’T WAIT!