Grand European 12 august


Hi there is anyone else going on this trip?:slight_smile:


My wife and I are going on the London to Rome tour which I believe is the 1st half of this tour. I posted a topic a while back and got no replies, so it’s good to see someone else on here on he same tour :)[br][br]Euroclub[br]London to Rome[br]August 12 2008


hey there guys… well, well, well… Not long now… Only 8 more working days and then i can organise myself for the trip… yeeehaaaaa!!! Im so excited… I can’t wait to get out of London and into the rest of Europe. The weather beta be beta if ya get what i mean… Anyone doing any extra travel after the trip or are ya heading back to your home country straight away???


We’re going to be doing a little travelling before the tour, heading to Boston, then Amsterdam and London in the 2 weeks prior. Once we finish our part of the tour we’ll be staying in Italy for another week before heading to Vietnam on the way home. Only 8 days until we fly out! :D[br][br]Euroclub[br]London to Rome[br]August 12 2008


hi there good to see there are others on the this trip!!! I have 10 days left of work and counting i cant wait to be on holidays. i’m travelling befor ethis trip to Ireland and after the trip to Kenya. are either of you guys living in London? i have heard the weather is warm around Europe bring it on i’m so over the rain!!!:sunglasses:


We’re coming from Sydney so I’m looking forward to the warm weather. I only have 8 days left of winter this year. By the time I get back from my trip it will be spring :)[br][br]It’s so hard to concentrate on work at the moment, I just keep thinking about the trip![br][br]Euroclub[br]London to Rome[br]August 12 2008


I know what you mean i only have 2 days left of work then i start travelling this trip is my second out of 4 i cant wait. not long now!!!


Hi Guys!! I just joined this tour!! I will be joinning in Paris, see you there!!


Hi everyone only a couple more days now very exciting. i cant wait its going to be unreal. catch you in Paris ireane820. See you all tuesday nice and early;D