Grand European- 11th June 2012


Hi guys,

I’ve just booked the Grand European tour for the 11th June.
Has anyone else booked?



Hi Lauren,

I’m booked on this tour as well! I’m travelling with a friend, are you travelling alone?
We’re joining in in Paris what about you? :slight_smile:



Hi Sandra,

I’m travelling alone! I’ll be starting in London though.
Where are you guys from?



We’re both from Melbourne. You’re from Melbourne too?
How old are you? We’re both 21
Are you doing any more travel around europe or just the tour?


I’m from Melbourne too. I’m 22.

No I’ll just be doing the tour and staying a few extra days in London. What about you guys?


My friend and I are splitting up after the tour, shes going back to london then denmark germany and croatia. And im leaving from amsterdam and going to croatia and germany, hopefully a few days in austria as well :slight_smile:
I just want it to be holiday time now!!
Closer to the day when we’ve found more people from our group we should all meet up :slight_smile:


Hey Girls!
Me and my friend Jasmine are both on this trip too :slight_smile:
We can’t wait!!
We are both from Perth and will be 20 when we’re travelling :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’m thinking about doing either this one or the one starting a week earlier on the 4th.
I’m 21, from Hobart, and will be travelling alone. And probably doing something similar to Lauren and staying extra nights in London, and maybe going somewhere else too!
Can’t wait, so exciting!


More people how exciting, you should definitely do this one Bren!
And Bren if you’re looking at going somewhere else too you should definitely think about visiting the croatian islands!!


Doesn’t this tour stay in the Croatian islands for 3 nights? :stuck_out_tongue:
There are a few places I want to go. I really want to go to Malta where my Grandpa was from.
Still undecided between this tour and the one on the 4th…!!! Gotta decide soon but can’t bring myself to have a proper look at airfares! It’s gonna hurt!
Either way I’ll definitely be spending a few nights in London. Anyone got any tips of where to stay? :slight_smile:


Hi girls,
Am looking at doing this tour sometime next year. Are there other places you are looking at doing?
I really want to do Sail Croatia and some Greek Island hopping too! Anyone else doing something similar that can pass on some advice!


Hey Bren it does go to Pag, but there’s so much more to see than just Pag, Dubrovnik has definitely been my favourite for a long time! And book those airfares, the longer you wait the more it’s going to hurt haha
Gem, I’m going to sail around the Croatian islands! But I won’t be doing a tour, I’ll be doing it myself, probably in late July. It’s easy to get around yourself by taking the ferries and when you get to each island there’s always people waiting offering accomodation! My personal recommendation is if you’re looking into going to Split, don’t stay for long, it really isn’t anywhere near as beautiful as somewhere like Dubrovnik!


Hey guys,

I decided to book the 4th of June trip as the 11th would finish too close to the start of uni! Hope you all have an amazing trip! :slight_smile:



Hey guys, I’m thinking of doing this tour next year! Did a top deck tour this year in summer and I absolutely loved it so I’m coming back for more! So excited!


Hi everyone!

Tom from Brisbane.

Looking forward to this tour. Bring on 2013!



Heyy Guys :slight_smile:

My friend Jess and I have also booked this tour… cant wait to meet every one :slight_smile:


Hey all

Let’s create a facebook page. anyone tech savy enough to do so?



actually, i think someone needs to add me before i can create a group!

my facebook page is:

add me and i’ll create a closed group where we can exchange pre-departure info!



I’m going on a similar tour to Europe, just couple days later.