Grand European 11 September 2012


Hi, Just starting a thread for all those going on the Grand European Tour on the 11th September 2012. We’re booked and cant wait!!


Hi Simon and Amanda! I booked this trip as well. Are you staying at the Clink the night before?


How ya going guys? ill be on this trip to and staying at the Clink the night before.
First time traveling and on my lonesome to. Can’t wait to meet yas all!!!



Hello Brocky!

First time travelling by my lonesome as well!
I’ll be staying at the Clink on the 9th and 10th.
Did you plan to visit London a bit before the tour?


hey Jaz…
I have a couple of days after the tour to check out London before i fly back to Oz.
I fly in on the 9th and staying in a hotel just down the street from the Clink for the first night, just so i can my head together.

I might come up and see if I can find the crew on that first night though.

How about yaself? Are you doing much traveling or just the tour?..



That’s great!
On my side, I’m only doing the tour.
I’ll only be there for first part of the Grand European,
I’ll leave the group in Rome and head back home. I’ll visit a bit more of Europe
another time! What about you?


Hi everyone!

I’m also travelling on my own. I’m staying at the Clink on the 9th & 10th. Also spending the week after the tour in London :slight_smile:

So excited :slight_smile:


Hi Bernie!

Is this your first time in Europe? :slight_smile:


Hey Jaz!

Yep first time in Europe…I’m sooo excited. The only time I’ve been overseas is to New Zealand.
What about you?


Yea just going to do the tour this time Jaz. So I can get a taste of it all then come back and backpack it later.

Do yous know if you have to be staying at the Clink to have a coulpe drinks there? Should be allright ay?

Hey Bernie.!


Bernie: First time too! I’m from Canada and I’ve never been further than the United States :p.

Brocky: I totally get you, I’m thinking of doing the same thing or maybe studying in Europe for a semester or two. For the drinks at the clink78, I think it will be fine, although I believe they have ‘‘visiting hours’’ for friends (security reasons).

What do you guys do (work, school)?


Hey all, I’m on this trip as well, working at the Olympics in London at the moment, but originally from Sydney so looking forward to this trip !!!


Hey Harry!
That sounds fun! Are you going to stay at the Clink too?


yea sounds fair enough for security reasons… As long as I get a couple of rounds in with yous before i have to head out… If not, i’ll just have to make up for it the next night…

Working full time at the moment Jaz as a gas plant process operator… Sounds better saying im a process technician, makes it sound fancier ;)… haha but it aint… i turn valves and press buttons…

Studying abroad would be sweet! What would you be studying?

G’day Harry mate! You are working at the Olympics? Sounds awsome!! What are you doing there?


Hey Brocky and Harry!

I’m working full time too as a pathology scientist…no where near as interesting or cool as it sounds. Also thinking of working overseas for a couple of years but like Brocky said I wanted to get a taste for it first.

Jazzie: What are you studying?

Brocky: I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze a couple of rounds in.

Harry: working at the Olympics sound’s pretty cool!


Hey Bernie, yep, looking to stay at the Clink on the 9th and 10th of September, so drinks are in order for sure !!!

Brocky, yeah mate, doing Logistics at the games, been here for 3 weeks and loving it, long hours but will be worth it when this trip comes around !!!


Defently mate… Gonna be an unreal trip!! Whats the weather like over there?. Aint the biggest fan of the cold… Just so I know how many dozen jumpers I should bring…


haha, weather has been very average, though hardly worn a jumper, you should be fine with just the one or 2 jumpers…


Brocky, we could always have a drink elsewhere. We’ll make sure we have so much fun that you forget
how to work those plants! And I’m at Uni studying in Accounting, Real Estate and Urban Studies.

Bernie, say what you want, you job sounds pretty fancy :p. Would be great to work overseas :slight_smile:

Harry, you are in the middle of the action, hope you have fun on your days off and take some time to visit London

So I was planning on running around London on the 10th to have a taste of the city, anyone interested?


I was hoping to do a bit of sightseeing on the 10th too so I’ll run around London with you! :slight_smile: