Grand European 11 Aug 09


Just wondering who else is going on this trip. Its my first time traveling to europe, was hoping to get to know some people on the tour before heading off :slight_smile:


I’m on this trip too! Whereabouts are you from?


Hi guys I’m on this trip too![br]Almost 2 weeks to go! [br]Where are you from??[br][br]soph


Hey very excited about this trip! Wow 9days left, god thats soon! I’m lil nervous about not knowing anyone but im sure all will be good when there.[br][br]From perth Australia- what about u guys?


Hi there! I’m leaving tomorrow! soo excited :stuck_out_tongue: [br]I’m from Mexico I guess I’m the only mexican girl in the whole trip :stuck_out_tongue: lol [br]Will see you all there :)[br][br]soph