Grand European 10th May


Hey guys,

Anyone else doing this one then?? Arriving in London on the 5th and staying at the Clink before it starts. Im travelling solo and would love to meet some fellow travellers!



Have an awesome time!!
I was going to book this one but at the time it wasn’t guaranteed so I booked 17th May!


Hey Alyce,

I hadn’t even considered that when I booked it! I did it all through a travel agent. God, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled! Well, I guess if its cancelled i’ll be doing the one starting on the 17th of may with you instead!

Enjoy your trip!! Im so excited! Its my first big trip overseas solo!



i’ve booked this this tour with two other people. i hope it doesn’t get cancelled i’m so looking forward to it.not long now.



Hi Jodie!

Are you staying at the Clink before the start of tour? Im arriving in London on the 5th May and staying at the Clink.

Im so glad to hear that somelse is doing this tour!!


hi cassie
i want to stay there the night before. i’m so glad to hear that someone is doing the tour as well i’m traveling with my brother and his friend so i’m glad to hear from you haha. i fly out of sydney on the 4th. not long now.



I’m doing the Grand European on the 10th May. My first big solo trip too. I’m staying at the Clink from the 7th. I’d like to catch up before the trip if you like.

Let me know.



Im so glad to hear other people are going this trip!!!

I leave Sydney on the 4th as well! Arriving on the 5th in the afternoon. I would love to meet you all before the tour starts! Maybe we could add each other on facebook?

This is my first solo trip as well Emma. Im a little nervous but excited!


Sure Cassie,

You can add me just search via

I realised I actually arrive on the morning of the 8th. Im soooo excited I cant concentrate at work anymore!! Oh well only 4 weeks left :slight_smile:



my email address for facebook is
i’ve just booked the clink for the 8th.


Joining in the convo late, i’m traveling with Jodie & Robbo…

So i’ll b at the hostel a couple of days before the trip as well feel free to find us on FB


hey guys im doing the mega euro but im going to be in london from the 6th it would be good to make some friends b4 hand