Grand European 10th July - 6th August


Hey guys,

Would love to hear from anyone else booked on this tour?
I’m travelling solo from NZ and have meet two girls from Melbourne (through facebook) who are also on this tour.

It now says limited availability so there must be more than 3 of us haha

Really looking forward to it. Just over 7 weeks to go!!



hey :slight_smile:
ive booked this tour with two mates as well :slight_smile:
would be great to find out how you meet people on facebook?



Hey Cass,

Like the TopDeck facebook page and you can meet others on the ‘Topdeck Meet’ application.
I see you just posted it :slight_smile:

Will add you on FB



Also part of this tour is:

Roman Chariot 10/7/12 - 22/7/12
Eastern Wander 22/7/12 - 4/8/12
Eastern Express 22/07/2012 - 6/8/12

Would love to hear from anyone on these tours. Getting close now :slight_smile:



Hi All…

I’m kris… traveller from melb on this tour as well, and cant’ wait. :slight_smile:

I’ll jump on the face book page as well.

woul dbe good if some of us melb people could meet up before.