Grand Euro Trip! 11th Sept 07


Hey my name is David I’m 23 and booked on the grand euro i live on the sunshine coast Qld Australia, would love to here from anyone going on this tour leaving on the 11th of Sept. Hope to chat soon Ciao for now.


hey my best friend and i are booked on the tour.[br]we r both 20 and from sydney.[br]


Hey Mel, Whats up? Glad to here from you :)[br]You have been booked on this tour for a while I noticed, tried to send you an email last week but I don’t think it worked out, so I decided to post a message to everyone, well at least there are 3 of us. I’m travelling by myself visiting my sister before the tour in london. I arrive on the 4th I think, shes taking me to Buck Palace, didn’t get to go last time. Im[br]


I’m pretty exctied about going to Pag, I spent 8 days in Croatia last August can’t wait to go back never visited Pag though. What part of the trip are you most excited about?


hey[br]We arive on the 8th of sep. I dunno wat im most excited bout. we have never been to europe before so it all gonna b pretty exciting.[br]we are also going to Ireland after the tour.


Anyone else on this trip?