Grand Euro Aug 4th - BOB STOP!


Wow what a trip - thank you to everyone on board, from Craigo our coach captain, Sarz for the delicious food and Jaz for being a top tour leader … but it wouldn’t have been the best trip ever with out everyone there.;D[br][br]For those thinking of going on tours with topdeck GO FOR IT!!! It’s a great company, it’s lots of fun, you’ll have many many laughs, drinks, crazy moments and so much more.:p[br][br]Thanks for the time of my life … highlight hhhmmm maybe the sex show in Amsterdam can’t believe i got up there on stage he he.:-[[br][br]Love to everyone Angela:)xx


Hi Ang,[br][br]I love that you included “Bob Stop” in the name of this posting. Everyone’s reaction to my “tent incident” in Florence is something I’ll never forget. I was “kinda of big deal” after that. My sex show experience in Amsterdam is also something I’ll always remember.[br][br]I cannot agree with you more about this tour. It was the time of my life! Jaz, Criago and Sarz all did an awesome job and were great people to hang out both during and after the tour. [br][br]To all my fellow tourmates, thanks for the trip of a lifetime and always remember, “I want to be on you!”[br][br]Cheers,[br]Bob[br]