Grand Aussie


Hey there folks,
I’m booked on a Grand Aussie adventure in April… I’m wondering about one thing…
I’m deaf - are the guides pretty helpful? Am I going to miss out on a lot of things because though I can lipread it is not a 100% accurate science?
I’m just hoping the guides are willing to write down some things, though no worries - I’m generally fairly content to just wander around taking photos, but I may need a little help once in a while to understand what we’re doing, meeting times, etc.
Just don’t leave me behind somewhere lol - unless there are a lot of cute koalas and wallabies - I think I may be ok if you left me with them! :slight_smile:



I hope you have a wonderful time in Australia!

We do tend to talk fairly quickly here, but if you’re having problems following the conversation, just ask whomever you’re talking to to repeat what they were saying. As you move further towards Darwin the locals do speak slower so this may help.



How exciting that you are coming to our awesome country!! (I had to say that). I’m sure you will be fine, us aussies are friendly people and I’m sure there will be plenty of people wanting to help you out. As for the Koalas and Wallabies…I’m with you there. Be prepared to see the best nature has to offer. That’s my un-biased opinion ;D I hope you have a blast.


Hey anyone doin Grand Aussie 19th June?