Grand Aussie Tour starting 29/01/2011 in Sydney


Hi, is anyone going on the Grand Aussie Tour starting in Sydney on the 29/01/2011?


Hi Emma

I’m doing the Island Suntanner, starting on the 29th Jan. This tour goes from Sydney to Cairns i guess it’s the same tour except you will continue further.

Melissa :slight_smile:


hi Emma

at last I’ve found some else on the Grand Aussie Tour, not long until we leave now. I fly on the 26th, when do you head out there?



Hi, Yes my flight is on 26th at 9.45pm, Heathrow. Where are you flying from? I land at 6am on 28th Jan and am staying at Wake Up! Hostel that night. You?


Hi ladies! I am on the same flight as you also at the wake up!


I fly from heathrow aswell but my flight is slightly earlier at 9.35pm but then land at 6.10am on 28th, not looking forward to such a long flight! Are you flying with BA? i’m at wake up! too.



Cool. Flying with Quantas. Do you want to meet at the airport at the other end and make our way to wake up together? Add me on facebook Emma-Louise Pearce (pic of me and my sister wearing blue) then can email on there, exchange numbers etc?



Doin’ the Island suntanner…starting 29/01/11. And like everyone else staying at Wake Up…
Hopefully I’ll be there on friday around noon. Flying out of Frankfurt, Germany over Shanghai and arriving in Sydney on friday at 10am.
So, I guess I’ll see you all there… :wink:
Does anybody know how many people are on such a tour?
btw it’s my first tour and I’m travelling alone.

See you guys there…