Grand Aussie Tour 9th October


Anyone on the Grand Aussie Tour, which starts 9th October in Sydney? :slight_smile:


Hey Michelle!
I’m going on the 9th one! I arrive in Sydney tuesday morning (5th) will be staying at Wake Up Hostel! How about you? At least we know there will be two of us!! :slight_smile: x


Hey Sally!

I also arrive at Tuesday 5th October, I mean it’s 17.50 (local time in Sydney).
Me and my friend stay in the Ibis World Square Hotel, I think it’s not to far from Wake Up Hotel. Do you travel alone or also with a friend? If you’re coming alone, maybe we could arrange something to meet us earlier :slight_smile:
It’s so cool that I know already someone :slight_smile:


That’s cool, I arrive just before you guys-early tuesday morning! I am travelling alone, coming from London sunday evening! I’ve had a look on Google Maps and we do seem to be quite near each other! It would be lovely to meet before the tour starts! May be we could do a mini tour round Sydney together? :slight_smile:
I’m not taking my phone with me, so the only means of contact would be via the internet
My skype name is Sally Freelander and I’m the only one on Facebook! My email is: So feel free to add me on whichever one(s)
I look forward to hearing from you and possibly seeing you very soon!! :wink: x