Grand Aussie tour 5th nov



Anyone doing the grand aussie tour 5th nov??

Not long to go now…very excited!!

Emma x :slight_smile: x


Hey, starting in sydney, up to cairns then Alice?



Yay someone else on part of my tour!! What date do you get in to Sydney?



I’m arriving 1st November at about 7.30am. Staying at wake up Sydney central :slight_smile: have you found anyone else who is touring too? Do u have Facebook?


Ah that’s cool, that’s where I’m staying too!! I travel out on the 2nd and arrive on 3rd evening time. No not spoke to anyone else apart form you! What about you? Think our tours interlink, how many days is your tour? Yeah I’m on facebook (emma creed - middlesex uk should come up). I’m so excited, so close now!! ;D


I’ll add you and speak on there, easier! Mine is 19 days as I’m going to Alice springs after cairns to the ayers rock/kings canyon tour. My surname is Cleaver


Hi Emma I’m on the tour! I’m in Fiji at the moment, I’ve been travelling since June! I get into Auz on 4th, should be staying at Wake Up hostel. Do you know what time we meet on the Saturday and where? I’m so excited! I don’t get much internet access here but add me on fb, under Katie Louise Ford :slight_smile: xx


Hi Katie, there are a few of you on facebook, whats your network??
Wow that sounds so amazing, lots of stories to tell I’m sure!!
Yeah I’m, staying in the wake up hostel too…they pick us up from the hostel and I’m sure it starts at 0630!! xx