Grand Aussie (Sydney to Darwin) - 8 Oct 2011


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m booked on to this tour and was hoping to meet a few more people who are too! I’m travelling on my own and also spending 4 days in Hong Kong on my way over, I can’t wait!

Becky xx



I’m doing the island suntanner tour from Sydney on 8th of Oct. I think it may be part of your tour as well.




Im also doing the Island Suntanner tour from Sydney on 8th of Oct. Heard that is amazing. Anyone else is doing it?



I heard a lot about it and would like to try it myself as well… :wink:



I’m going on this tour also on the 2nd day of august. I can’t wait to have my first ever experience travelling alone. I can figure out that it would be a great and a wonderful time for me to think things over. Anyone else going on this tour? :wink: