Grand Aussie (Start Darwin) September 14


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I just booked the Grand Aussie Tour from Darwin to Sydney starting September 14. Is anybody else on this tour?
It’s going to be my first time in Australia and also my first solo-trip. I’m really excited and little nervous :wink:



Hi Christina

I’m looking to book this tour too. I haven’t been to Australia before either so very nervous and excited like you.

Where abouts are you from?


Hi :slight_smile:
Good to see, that I’m not the only person on this tour :wink:
I’m from Austria. I hope, I don’t make to much mistakes, because english is not my first language :wink:
Where are you from?


Hopefully we will be able to meet a few more people on this trip before we go.

Wow, from Austria. Very nice!

I am from England:)


Only a few weeks to go and I’m getting more and more excited :wink:
@bburge27: sorry for not replying for so long! Ah you’re from England, that’s also very nice! :wink:

Did anybody else book this tour in the meantime? :slight_smile: