Grand Aussie Reverse - when the best weather?


Hi Guys,
I’m planing down under this or early next year depends on weather. I know there is difficult to find balance as we are talking about at least three climate zones but this is exactly what I’m trying to do.

  • No extreme temperatures in Alice Springs but also no extreme rains in Darwin. I found already that Topdeck offer is in general Dry season (Apr-Oct) in Litchfield NP but how this affects Park itself obviously water is the main feature of this park so in the middle of Dry season it may look miserable :frowning:
    Any ideas anyone?


Litchfield NP is spectacular anytime of year (granted its been a while) I can understand why Topdeck would offer Dry Season tours- once it rains in the NT roads simply disappear. I was in Litchfield in July and whilst some waterfalls had dried up or were simply trickles some were still quite majestic. Plus without much water it makes the crocs easier to spot when you go swimming (IM KIDDING SERIOUSLY LOL). Its really pleasant during the ‘winter’ months up there as well and you certainly wont collapse from heat or get drenched every day. Even staying at Ayers Rock (Uluru) in June the mornings were absolutely freezing but watching the sunrise over the rock is well worth it.
If I were you I would look at a tour at the start of the season, just after the Wet, there will still be plenty of water and the weather will be warm (some hot days, perfect for swimming)
Hope this helps



I wouldn’t go anywhere near Darwin until after March. With the wet season bringing massive amounts of mosquitoes, 90% humidity and heat it can get pretty miserable pretty quickly.

May is a great time of year to go as the rain has stopped and while you might get chilly mornings and nights, the days are generally beautiful.


Hey there, some good news here. Topdeck have just purchased a brand new Isuzu All Terrain Vehicle for their NT trips. Super comfy, and basically can drive over anything (flooded roads, creek beds etc)…so perfect for travelling in more remote regions like the NT. And the group is limited to twenty travellers, so a cool number when you are out hiking etc. I work for Topdeck and have been the the NT a heap of times, and whilst the Australian winter (May - Oct) is the most popular time, summer can be great also as you get in Darwin tropical rain, flowing waterfalls etc etc…so quite a different experience. Have a great trip!