Grand Aussie Reverse 26th March-20th April


Hello!! Just booked this trip- anyone else going??? Im very excited!


Hi Sarah!

YAY I’m going on this tour too! :slight_smile: Very excited but nervous about going on my own! are you going on your own too? :slight_smile:


Hello! Nice to speak to someone else who is going! I’m also doing the tour by myself! I’m travelling to LA and NZ first before ending up in Oz! After the tour I’m planning on exploring Sydney for a few days then heading back to the UK! Very excited about it! Have u sorted out the visa yet? Do u know which one we need? :slight_smile:


Oh wow, LA and NZ first will be awesome! :] I’m flying straight from Heathrow via Singapore and get to Darwin around 5am on 25th I think. Will have to double check where I’m staying :] Do you know where you’re staying in Darwin? I’m then also having a few nights in Wake Up Hostel in Sydney after the tour & flying back 23rd April. So excited! Do you have facebook? Feel free to add me or message me on there if you want! Lorna Thompson - think I’m under Leeds network and/or University of Leeds :]

No idea what visa we need and I’m yet to sort it! :smiley: Booked through flight centre so will speak to them about it & let you know :]


Anyone else on this? :slight_smile: