Grand Aussie Reverse 19th October


Anyone else going on this tour? Would love to hear from someone who is! ;D


Or apparently I’m not going on this tour. But I am however now going on the 9th of November.


Hey, im booking my place tomorrow for the grand aussie reverse tour starting the 9th Nov. Enquired bout it monday so hope places arent gone now when i phone tomorrow.


Have it booked and all set to go 9th Nov - Darwin to Sydney…


Oh that’s awesome. I wanted to see if I could get to know some people on the tour before going. If you have facebook feel free to add me. Just search me - Carys Grace Mason. I’m so excited to go, the tour looks really amazing. Hope to hear from you again.




I am also going on the 9th of november tour… just thought I would say hi and looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:



Hi Gina :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you too. Not long now, just over a month. What date you getting into Darwin? I fly in on the 6th November and I’m staying at the Youth Shack, you have any pre tour accommodation booked?



Hi Carys,

I know I am soo excited I cant wait :slight_smile:
I’m getting into Darwin on the 7th really early in the morning because I’m travelling through Indonesia for 2.5 weeks before going to Australia.
I have pre-booked the Mirambeena Travelodge.



Oh thats cool. I’m only just stopping off in Singapore for a few hours on my way to Aus, though after the tour I plan to travel around Australia by myself for a bit and also go to New Zeland and fiji. What are your plans for after the tour? You planning more travel or are you going home?



Oh, and you must be excited for Indonesia, you must be leaving in a couple of weeks? Are you travelling alone?


yea I am sooo excited :slight_smile: I’ll be leaving on the 22nd of October so only 3 weeks to go :slight_smile:

I’ll be staying in Sydney for 3 days after the tour but then I’ll be going back home because my graduation from university is in mid-december. Oh you must be excited for New Zealand and fijii as well …

Indonesia is a group tour thing as well but I’m doing everything alone…you?


Yeah, I am doing anything alone too. It’s a little bit daunting, but I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people :smiley:

Maybe we could meet up in Darwin before the tour, seeing as we are both around for a few days before it begins?



yea I know I am a bit nervous about it as well but I’m sure it will be soo much fun.

Sure would be good to meet you in Darwin beforehand. Are you on facebook?


Yeah, I’m on facebook, I’m fairly easy to find, just search my name Carys Grace Mason, I’m the first one that should come up.