Grand Aussie Reverse - 14th Sept


Hey all,

Was just wondering if any out there were booked on to the Grand Aussie Reverse for September 14th? Would be cool to get a head start on knowing you. =]




i guess i ´ll be on the same tour as well. It looks like the same tour as “rock and top” for the first ten days.
But i think I ´m going to leave you at alice springs.

see you soon



I will also be on this tour. Are you guys out in Australia already?



No I´m still in europe, but will arrive at darwin 11th september and stay at the “Youth Shack” the nights before the tour starts.


I’m staying there too, but I arrive in Darwin just the night before the trip departs.
See you there :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I will be also on the Grand Aussie tour that starts at 14 september.

I arrive 13 september at Darwin and i’m also staying at the ‘Youth shack’ the night before the tour starts.

Gr Charissa