Grand Aussie Reverse 12 Oct 2010


Hey, I booked the Grand Aussie Reverse trip starting on Oct 12th in Darwin, anyone else going on that trip?


Heya, I thought about booking this trip, but I am going on the 19th of October Grand Aussie reverse. So, just a week after you. :smiley: Hope you get to talk to someone who is going on the same tour as you.


Hi Mattias,
I just started a new subject on this tour, but noted yours only now :). I just got confirmation from my travel agent, I only need to pay now :P. Are you also travelling alone?


Hi Karien,

so you’ll be on the same tour? Cool, finally I found someone and now know I won’t be the only one :wink:

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Mattias,

same here!! Just out of curiousity: when are you flying, do you have any pre-nights in Darwin? Flights were quite occupied already when I booked, so I’ll be going flying to Melbourne first and then to Darwin, where I have 2 days before the trip starts. I hope there will be more people joining the forum so maybe we can get to know people a little before we depart. I’ll start :slight_smile: I’m 28 years young ;-), live in Zwolle and work as a commercial assistant at a larga dairy/food producer in The Netherlands. Hoping to get to know you and our fellow travellers a bit soon and looking forward to meeting you!



Hey Karien,

I will arrive in Darwin from Singapore, also 2 days before the tour starts. Actually I will start my trip in exactly one month :slight_smile:
Have you already booked accomodation in Darwin? I read some pretty bad reviews for literally every hostel… Topdeck promotes Youth Shack, but I was thinking about staying in Melaleuca, it’s just across the street and sounds a little bit better…
I turned 30 this year, I live in Heidelberg and I work for a big software company (if you work for a large food producer I’m pretty sure you’re one of our customers :wink:
Ok, let’s see whether we can find some other fellow travellers!

Cheers, Mattias


Oh, what are your plans after the trip? I’ll stay another 3 weeks, first in Sydney and then in Melbourne. I was thinking about booking acommodation in Wake Up Sydney, seems to be a nice place to stay.


I have indeed already booked my pre- and post accomodation. I will be staying in the Youth Shack: if it’s bad I just won’t spend that much time in the room and explore Darwin :slight_smile: Afterwards I only have 2 days extra in Sydney and I’ll be staying in Wake-up Sydney. I was hoping to stay longer, but 4 weeks and a couple of days was all I could bargain with my boss.

Did you book directly with topdeck? I booked through an agency and won’t receive any information untill about a week before departure. Do you happen to have any information yet you could e-mail me? So far it seems you’re the only one I can bother with all my questions :slight_smile:


Too bad you can only stay for another 2 days after the tour. I’m really happy they let me go that long, I will be on vacation for 2 whole months!

I also booked through a travel agent and I didn’t receive any information yet. I just called them and they will ask Topdeck to send it. She said they usually send the information 6 weeks proir to tour departure, which was yesterday :wink: So I guess we will receive something soon. But I think they will basically send the documents that you can download from the webpage:


Me and my fiancee will be joining you on this trip too! Can’t wait!
I’m 23 and she’s 21, both from England. Our trip starts on Tuesday when we fly to Singapore for 2 nights, then onto Darwin for 3 nights at Chilli’s Backpackers.
Looking forward to meeting you, and talking a bit more before we go. I’m quite nervous, haven’t done anything like this before.


Hi Ben,

good to read that you and your fiancee are joining the trip: the more the marrier :). I’m starting to get nervous too: I have done a similar trip last year with all Dutch folks, but this is my first international trip. I’m convinced though we’ll have a great trip together. Safe travels to Singapore/Darwin and see you Tuesday the 12th!



Hey guys, I’m staying in Youth Shack Sun + Mon night. Hopefully see you there.
@Ben: I’m in Singapore right now! With which flight are you going to Darwin? I’m on a Jetstar flight on Sat night.


@Mattias I’m guessing we’re on the same flight then! How is Singapore?
We’re staying at Chilli’s Backpackers, can’t wait for the journey to get started!


Hey Ben, I just sent you a private message. Would be funny if we`re on the same flight :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!

My best friend, Sorcha, and I are going on this tour too! I can’t wait! Can’t wait to meet you all too! We’re from Perth, Scotland. We haven’t booked accommodation for when we arrive so would be cool if we were in the same hostel/hotel:)

See you all on the 12th!!



Ops! Wrong year!! I’m going this year!