Grand Aussie Reverse 10th October 2011



My best friend and I are going on this tour. Just wondered who else is going?! Can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:

Sophie :slight_smile:


Hi Sophie

just thought id send you a msg to say im going on the same tour :slight_smile:


Hey Danny!

Can’t wait!!.. It’s coming up so fast! Have you been to auz before?

Look forward to meeting you!



hey Sophie

No ive never been before, its gonna be awesome, I cant wait either ;D

when do you fly out and where you staying the night before the tour starts?


sorry forgot to say it will be good meeting you too!!




We fly out on the 5th and arrive on the 7th so we have a few days before the trip starts… Time to get over jet lag!!! We are staying at the hotel where the trip sets off from, that way we don’t have to worry about finding it on the day:)

When are you flying out? Where are you staying? Do you have Facebook?:slight_smile:




Thats cool. I fly out on the 7th and get there on the 9th so im gonna be pretty knacked when the tour starts lol.

Im staying at the Youth Shack which i think is the same place as you.

Yes i do have facebook



Hey anybody else doing this tour? Get in touch now long now :slight_smile: