Grand Aussie June 18th?


G’day mates,

I’ve booked the Grand Aussie Tour at June the 18th from Sydney and was wondering if anyone else is doing the same or has been on the tour before? It’s the first time i will have travelled alone so would be nice to talk to a few people before i go:)

See you, Yvi


Hey Yvi,
I’m going on the Grand Aussie starting on the 18th too and am also travelling alone for the first time! Where are you from?


Hey Catrin,

Yeah, I’m so happy to hear that somebody else is doing the same tour:) how are you?
I’m from Germany, you’re from Wales?
How old are you?
Do you spent also time in Australia before the tour starts?



Hi again,
I know me too & am so glad that there are other lone travellers! Yeah I’m from Wales and I’m 22, what about you? I’m flying out pretty late actually because I may have an exam on the 14th June! When are you going out there?


Thats great:) I’m almost 20…
Oh okay, are you studying? I’ll be on the 14th June already at Sydney…
When do you arrive there?
Do you have Facebook??
Can’t wait until the tour starts…



Yeah I’m in my fourth and final year at uni :(, are you a student? I’m leaving on the 15th June so I wont get to Sydney until the evening of the 16th and then I’m going to attempt to see all that I want to see of Sydney in a day! I’m on facebook- Catrin Walters. I can’t wait either!