Grand Aussie July 16th


Hey everyone,
I’ve just booked to do the Grand Aussie tour starting from Sydney on 16th July and was wondering if anyone else is doing the same or has been on the tour before? It’s the first time i will have travelled alone so would be nice to talk to a few people before i go :slight_smile:




I am looking at booking on this tour this week. I will be travelling alone and haven’t done so before either :slight_smile: - glad there is somebody else the same!

x x x


ah yay someone else :slight_smile: i’ve found one other person but thats it so far! Are you going to be staying in Sydney before the tour? I’m so excited about going now its not too far away :slight_smile: but im still not organised with everything yet…ah well



Yes I’m staying in Sydney for a few days before we leave so have some time to explore. How about you? I booked the tour this week but no way near sorted - have final exams until the end of May so postponing anything non-exam related until then :slight_smile: Are you flying out straight from the UK?



yeh im flying straight out from the uk, im flying out on the tuesday before from Heathrow so i get there thursday morning, what about you? Are you staying at the Wake up hostel before too by any chance?
And ah sounds the same as me :slight_smile: i think im just going to have to have a mad rush around once all the uni work is finished.



I’ve finally got on to the forum! I don’t know why it wasn’t working before? But yay it works now! :slight_smile: Hi Caroline, I’m Rachael! How have you two managed to save for this and be at Uni all at once?


Hi Rachael :slight_smile: Are you travelling alone as well? I arrive in Sydney on the 12th. I’m not in the Wake Up Hostel but am staying very nearby on Wentworth Avenue where the tour picks up :slight_smile:


ah ok, i arrive early in the morning on the 14th :). Me and Rachael we’re thinking of exploring Sydney on the thursday and friday before the tour if you fancied coming along too?
And ah i thought it left from wake up…i really need to get organised and find these things out, ah well.


Aha, it picks up from Wake Up and the Travelodge on Wentworth Road. I was looking into the Wake Up but at the time I was booking a place on Wentworth Road had a huge discount and the fact it included breakfast meant I was immediately sold :slight_smile: Yes the Thursday and Friday would be great - thanks :slight_smile: It would be good to meet up before it starts. I’m trying to book to go on a day trip to the Blue Mountains whilst I’m in Sydney so I will try and do that on the Wednesday.


Yer I’m travelling alone too! But not really alone now that I’ve met Megan and you! Feel a little nervous about the flight just because I have never done a long haul before and I have to change but Megan has kindly offered to meet at the airport as she arrives an hour or so before me!

Have you any idea how much spending money you’re going to take?


Yeah me too - will be a long flight, although it will give me some time to finally sit and do nothing :slight_smile: I have to change at Heathrow and Singapore, definitely dreading Heathrow more :slight_smile: Decided to change at Frankfurt on the way back which is hopefully smaller. Altogether I’m away from the start of July until the end of August and need a several different currencies. I think I’m going to get a travel card; Thomas Cook do them for free and they’re pre-paid Mastercard ‘travel cards’. You can load them with money and use it like a credit card to pay and also to get out cash (except without the charges!). Apparently lots of the optional tour activities accept them and you also can register somebody back home to be able to top it up for you online, so I think I’m just going to give my parents the remainder of my savings and get them to put on a certain amount each week :slight_smile: What are you planning on doing? Have you travelled alone before? And are you staying in the Wake Up hostel in Sydney too? Sorry for the interview :smiley:


Caroline have you been on a top deck tour before? How come you get a two star junior status and Megan and I are just Newbies? xx


Nope I haven’t - I think it’s because I’ve done like 7 posts or something which apparently makes me a junior member :slight_smile: I was a Newbie this morning :slight_smile:


Haaa yer, you have been banging out the posts!
So where are you flying from? Im starting at Heathrow and normally fly from Gatwick! Is Heathrow really that bad?
Yer I’m staying at the Wake up! just because thats what STA recommended. I was thinking about getting one of those STA cards, I haven’t looked into it! Do they charge you? They must get something out of it!


Hey, you’re a junior member too now :slight_smile: I haven’t booked through STA so I’m not sure but I would guess they are the sameish, and is probably also the reason I am not in the Wake Up hostel too! I will have to pop round and say hi. Are you flying over for the Grand Aussie tour and then going back to the UK? The Thomas Cook one charges you to get cash out at ATMs but is free if you pay by card so it seems pretty good - I’ll just have to buy lots of stuff on the card or take out lots of cash at once :slight_smile: Heathrow isn’t that bad, especially if you are only starting from there and don’t have to change - I fly into Heathrow so have to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 which will be an adventure - I might still be there when you’re catching your flight several days later :smiley:


hey that makes much more sense about the tour pick up lol, and yeh i’ve been looking at one of those STA cards too but i havent really decided yet…
I think im going to have to get a coach thing down to Heathrow as my parents will be at work i think, and i have no idea where im going in London…ha i might give myself a few extra hours to get lost in.
And ah where are you flying from Caroline? but yet definitely come and say hello :slight_smile: are you staying after the tour has finished or are you going straight home? x


Can I just ask a weird question? What are you guys packing to wear?? I know its still a while off but I just don’t know what clothes I need. Are either of you taking jeans? Sydney will be cold but Darwin will be hot! Think im going to buy some strapless tops to maximize tanning :wink:
I’m flying straight home but I’m spending 5 days in Darwin after the tour! I think Megan is staying with family for a bit? That might not be right though? :slight_smile:

Megan, where are you coming from to get to Heathrow? My dad will be driving me there so could offer you a lift?


i have no idea what im packing yet… :confused: i looked at the suggested list and it says jeans on there so i might take them else i havent really got many other trouser things to wear if its colder…and ha rachael i think il be doing the same :slight_smile: but apart from that i dont really know lol im hoping that as im taking a suitcase i might be able to squeeze things in a bit more but we’l see anyway.

And nearly, im staying with an old school friend who moved out to darwin a few years ago :slight_smile: i’m only staying until the saturday morning i think though.
I’m coming from Lichfield, its west midlands way so i think its the wrong direction really? but thankyou for the offer anyway :slight_smile:


Jeggings? They are basically jeans but not as heavy? Although I don’t have any… I don’t really want to go shopping for loads more stuff, i’m short on money as it is!
It’s basically only two months away now!!! :o


JEGGINGS! I don’t have any either but it is a good idea. Topdeck luggage dimensions are one luggage bag measuring no more than 70 x 45 x 25 cm plus one day bag / hand luggage, although apparently it can be a bit bigger, they don’t like measure your bags before you go or anything :slight_smile: I’m having to buy myself a case/rucksack because I don’t have anything that small apart from a tiny hand luggage case - don’t think I could survive out of that for a week, let alone 7 :slight_smile: Looks like I will have to pack light - eeek! This is a ridiculously girly question but is anyone thinking of taking a hair dryer / straighteners or something? If so we could always try to double up and share as it looks like we don’t have much luggage room to begin with :slight_smile: