GRAND AUSSIE 6th october!



i’m sandra (23) from the netherlands.i travel alone and i would like to get in toutch with other people who are joining the grand aussie tour who departs the 6th of october in sydney.
hope to hear something from someone!!!



hello sandra,
i´m dani(39) from germany.i´m travelling also allone and it would be great if i get in conntact with other participants from the grand aussie trip 24days -start sydney.

will be happy to hear something from you !!! :slight_smile:


hello sandra ,
hope you feel good?
step by step i´m getting nervous…but happy,that the tour starts.
when you´ll arrive in sydney?
i will be there on the 2.oct in the evening.

hope to hear something from you ::slight_smile:

so long

greetings dani


hello dani! im so glad to hear something from someone :smiley: i’ll be in sydney 3 october at 6.00 AM. do you allso sleep in central YHA?



do you have facebook? add me!!! then we know each otters face and recognise eachother


Sydney is one of the best visiting places in Australia.


i agree with markuk! i have already vitsited several exciting places here in sydney! everytime we go out to visit places, is a different experience for my family (especially for the kids)!