Gorilla Trek August 25th to September 7th


Is anyone else going on this tour?? If so let us know, and tell us about yourselves :slight_smile:
We are 23, female, Canadian, and way too excited!!!


I am totally going on this tour, and I am a Canadian as well! I am pumped and nervous all the same. What part of Canada are you flying out from?


Yay! A fellow Canadian! We’re from Ottawa, and that’s also where we’re flying out of. We are also a little bit nervous haha. I feel like I keep finding out about a new thing that can kill me over there every day!


How old are you? Are you a major travel enthusiast? :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Make sure you check out Topdeck Meet


Topdeck Team


HAHAHA, I am also finding something new that is killing me. I made sure to get all my shots and stuff, since I need to present that at the Uganda boarder for my visa. Did you book the hotel that topdeck suggested before we leave on Saturday? Yes, I love to travel and this is the 2nd trip I have done with Topdeck. We are so close. I fly out of Toronto Wed night ahhh


Yes we’ve booked the hotel for Friday night as well! I suppose we’ll see you there!!!


I leave tomorrow night. I am super pumped. Are you guys traveling on from Africa?