Good Travel Bags


Hey everyone,

I’m going on the Winter Express leaving 13th Dec and as this is my first solo holiday just wondering what are some good backpack brands to look up? Pretty clueless as to what ones are good to use and are able to fit everything you need in

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


I am more on adidas backpack bag, simple design and good on quality.


Sorry I meant more so these type of bags

And what ones have past travellers have used



Oh i see, you are looking for a mountaineering/camping bag

I once have like this, kinda expensive


Hi Megan,
I think the range of Kathmandu Day Packs would be perfect! I don’t think you would need a huge one as suggested above but something like this:

would be great, I think I’ll get this one for my 24 day winter trip.

But alternatively if you find a surf brand bag or a nike/adidas/puma bag then it’d be fine too, Id try to blend in though!

If you go in Europe summer in the future, I would reccommend a brand - PacSafe!
They are an American Company that make slash proof and theft proof bags perfect for gypsy and pickpocket season in Europe.


Black Wolf brand are really good quality and come in a various range of travel bags, luggage, hiking bags and day packs.


Travel bags have been around ever since the airplane was invented and travel became possible over long distances. However, some travel bags tend to be special in their own way and this is the article where we are going to talk precisely about some of these special bags.


Check out the Osprey Range . . . They have a lifetime full replacement warranty! No Matter how much you destroy them Osprey will replace for free!


Try and find an Army Surplus Store. I had the same issue and having talked to a seasoned traveller i was told to find one, after locating my local one which turns out was just a 10minute bus away they have a MASSIVE selection of EXCELLENT travel bags, spacious, colours, branded, some just ex military, Also look for a bag that has a waist strap, a bag that distributes weigh to your hips makes the long trecks to much more bearable.


I would vouch for Osprey travel packs as well, and Black Wolf if you are in Australia. Check out Gumtree or Ebay and you should be able to find ones that are much cheaper than the stores.


To anyone who has been on a tour before, do you think starting the trip (not necessarily finishing it though) with carry on baggage only is practical? I want to avoid lugging a huge bag around if I can :smiley:

Thank you!


I think that choosing the right bag will always depend on the purpose of the trip. For example, if I am planning a trip with my family, I will pick a bag as big as possible. However, if I have a business trip it shall be small , compact and have a place for all my electronic devices. My favorite traveler’s bagpack is Mos Pack. It can be used as charging station and carry all my devices at the same time.


I think It’s depend on you


There are many good brands of backpacks. It totally depends on you which one do you like and what are your priorities of buying. Adidas and nike are one of the best brands, according to me.


You can take travel bag it’s depend on your choice.


Bought your bag?