Good places to stay Ireland/Scotland


Hey all, have some time after my tour to explore on my own.[br]Keen on venturing around Ireland/Wales/Scotland…[br]What backpackers can you recommend taking? [br]Best way to travel? (Plane, train on bus)[br]And cheapest/most cost effective way of doing this?![br]Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)[br][br]My tour finishes August 13 if anyone is free and keen to join? Just thought it would be nice to take things at a slower and less scheduled pace to wind down before returning to the real world!


Opps, no edit button! I mean to ask… which backpackers/accomodation do you recommend staying at?[br]Also, what are are awesome not-to-be-missed adventures waiting for a traveller in that neck of the woods?


I love Scotland, my partner and I drove aorund scotland for a week last year in September! the Globetrotter in Edinburgh is awesome, its about 15 minute out of the center of town, they run shuttle buses on the hour every hour till about 11pm i think. It is in a pretty part of town, we loved it!![br]Stirling we stayed at the Willy Wallace Hostel, its a small place but it was cheap (we didnt have breakfast we just went round the corner to a cafe) the windows were very thin so it was a little loud but it wasnt too bad![br]Fort William we stayed at the Bank Street Lodge, nothing spectacular but it was a room to sleep and close in the middle of town![br]Inverness we stayed at a hotel cause I coultn find a good hostel before we went! It was very nice but a little expensive if your on a budget! (but after being at hostels it was AWESOME!)[br]if you can possibley hire a car and drive around scotland I would recommend it. Seeing the main towns is awesome but driving through the higlands and along loch ness and finding cute little villages along the way is so very memorable!! [br]Flights inbetween major places (London to Scotland to Dublion etc) is cheap with a airline called easyjet. It cost us about 23 pound from Scotland to London! My advice for doing it cheap is booking and paying for most things before you leave, so that your not paying out while you are there! I just put it into my budget every week before I left like it was a bill! The Heritage pass is gold!! Gets you into most castles and sites for free and if you add up all the things you want to see and do then see how much the heritage pass is for that long it does work out alot cheaper![br]Also dont eat in many restaraunts. We ate breakfast lunch and tea for the first few days we were away and found we were spening heaps!! Pubs for dinner and buying sandwiches and stuff for lunch is much cheaper! I hope this helps, any other questions just ask!!!


I have been living in ireland for three years and just took a recent car trip around…I blogged about it you may find that useful also here are some great places in Dublin for a good night out Hope that gave you a few ideas…Ireland Rocks![br][br]follow on the topdeck ‘spirit of Europe’ tour August 4th 2009