Gondolas Go North 28th Oct - 12 Nov


Hi Everyone,

My travelling buddy bailed on me at the last minute so Top Deck tour it is! Anyone doing this tour? Saw the forum so I thought I’d check it out and see if there’s anyone here doing this one?

Let me know!

Coolios! :slight_smile:


Hey is that the WInter Wonder tour that hits Swiss Alps etc? Leaving and returning to London? :slight_smile:


Nah I think it is the second half of the Discover Europe. But yeah it ends in London


I am! My friend and I are going on this one, and yes its the Discover Europe tour (days 13-28).

Finding it a bit difficult to decide what to bring because of the turn of the season. But totally excited! :smiley:


Oh cool how exciting!

Yeah I am struggling with packing too! Im think layers! Lots and lots of layers haha

Look forward to meeting you guys! Not long now :slight_smile: