Gondola Ride



I was just wondering, I just had a look at the optional activities list for my tour - European Odyssey and noticed the price for a gondola ride around the canals in Venice is only 19 euro. I have heard it is much more expensive than this. 19 euro is just under $30 AUS…is this correct?


That is the about the price. Because Topdeck is always a relatively large group and with regular tours going through Venice it is possible for them to get it much cheaper than if were a solo tourist.
Hope this helps


I believe it was about 120 Euro to hire the gondola, so with 6 to a gondola in Topdeck you get it for 19 Euro each. Ridiculously expensive for a couple hiring one on their own, but reasonable with a big group. It was a must do though, can’t go to Venice and not do it.