Golden States Tour Departing 19th July 2016


Hi there, Aussie girl, going solo, heading off on my USA adventure! Just wanting to find anyone out there who is also travelling on this tour!


Hey Sacha, I’m a Brissy girl (solo) doing the same trip. How are you going with looking into stuff to do on your free days? Are you heading anywhere after the tour concludes? Talk soon Louise


Hey guys, also an Aussie doing this solo… Figured I should at least know someone before doing this…


Hi Louise & Dimi :blush: nice to hear from you both! Im an Adelaide girl. I will be getting into LA 2 days before the tour starts. Staying at the Miyako Hotel ofcourse. Im fortunate that I have a friend from high school whos been living in LA for many years & she is taking me out for lunch on the 1st day. Not sure what I will do day 2 as yet. I will be coming straight home after our tour ends in San Francisco. Let me know if either of you would like to meet up before our tour starts :blush:


Oh my, maybe its going to be an Aussie free for all tour…HeHe I’m actually arriving the morning of the 19th, so I will be travelling straight from LAX to the hotel. Most of the ‘free days’ I have pre-planned things to do (either what Top Deck suggests or recommendations from other friends who have visited the US). The only thing I have booked and paid for in advance is a day trip to Alcatraz/Angle Islands while in San Fran. I did this because these day trips sell out weeks in advance. It cost me US$66.75 and I was going to give you the link, but they have now sold out too!!

After the tour finishes in San Fran I’m heading over to DC and NYC for another 10 days. No tour…Just myself doing day trips in DC and I have The New York Pass for my sightseeing in NYC.

Dimi…Are you heading anywhere else after the tour?

It’s all exciting as its soooooooooo close now!!! :grinning:


actually staying in Miami/New York for about a month before then doing a top deck east coast trip before I arrive in LA on the 18th night and staying in the MiYako hotel aswell for that night before.

After the tour I’m flying back to LA and staying 3/4 night there before flying back home.


Me again…Jut looked again and there are a few tickets now available for the same day trip to Alcatraz (departure @ 9.30am).

Have a look and maybe we can explore the Islands together.


Also… If you guys wanted to find my Facebook… Dimi Christou, you’ll know you’ve found it when the DP is the raccoon snapchat filter… Don’t ask haha


lol…I’ve added you to Facebook!

Sacha, If you want to add me too…Look for Louise Thomson. Will be great to chat more before the tour :slight_smile:


Omg! Dimi just sent you a fb friend request & we have a mutual friend! Omg! We both know George :grin: Can’t believe it! What are the chances of that living in different states! Lol :grin:


hi guys,
im also a solo traveller from Australia! Have any of you got your documents yet from top deck? iv heard nothing and need the hotel adress for the visa!


Hi Stephiee,

Oh yes I got my TopDeck information over a month ago from my travel agent. Maybe speak with them or if you purchased from TopDeck direct…Call them immediately.

See you in 10 days time!!

Louise :blush:


Hey! I’m not on this trip, but I’m in LA, in the Miyako on the 17th and 18th too. But I’m on the American Dream trip. Not technically an aussie girl, as I’m British, but I’ve been in Perth, WA for nearly a year now, and have no plans to return to England! Would be good to know someone in LA for those few days! x


Hi Caitlin, I don’t arrive into LA until 19th but I believe Sacha might be for the dates your visiting. I’ll messag her so she can reply. Enjoy your time while in the US. Louise :blush:


Hi all,

My cousin and I (both Melbournian) will be in LA from Sunday 17th and staying at Hotel Miyako. If anyone wants to catch up prior to the start of the trip feel free to add me on Facebook to discuss ( Should be a great trip :slight_smile:



hi louise!
finally got the documents yesterday! haha so last minute! I arrive on the 19th into LA too. i thought the tour starts at 6pm but my documents now say 9am!!! so annoying. what time do you arrive in?


Hey Sadeq,

Oh wow…nothing like last minute huh! I’m flying from Brisbane and arrive at LAX at 6am. It will take approx 1 hour to clear customs, so hopefully will be in my private transfer by 7am. Have you guys arrange your transfer to the hotel from LAX? And what time do you arrive into LAX?

Talk soon


I arrive just after midday! So I’m gonna miss the begining of the tour if it really does start at 9am!! I havnt booked any transfer or anything. I usually just get public transport around