Golden States Leaving from LA on 28 June 2016 (part of Stars and Stripes and American Dream maybe?)


Hi, Is anyone else on this trip? I booked early (super keen).
First time travelling solo and nice to meet people on the trip.
Bring on June!
Lozz :slight_smile:


Hi Lozz!
Kate here :slight_smile: I am booked on this exact trip! Golden States leaving on 28th June 2016! :smiley: I am also travelling solo, and this is also my first time travelling solo as well! I only just booked and I am so excited! I am arriving the day before in LA, are you?

Kate :sunny:


Oh hi Kate. Yay fellow traveller.
Yep I arrive in LA early morning on the Monday. I have no plans for that day. Where you coming from? I’m super excited.


I am arriving early that morning too! Me neither, I was just going to check in and than have a bit of an explore around near the hotel, I prob won’t go too far as I’ll have no idea where I am! haha where abouts are you staying?

I’m coming from Cairns, Australia, you? My flight comes into LA from Sydney. Yes I’m excited too and a lil nervous! Already got the countdown on my phone going!


When you said cairns I was thinking we will be on the same flight. I’m from Darwin but flying from Brisbane. I’m staying at the pre accododation so we’ll be get there about the same time I think. Yeh I thought I may explore a bit myself and get used to time zone that day but I’ll also see how brave I am :blush: Where are you staying?


Actually I got my flights mixed up I am coming in from Brisbane! Sydney is on the way back! I’m flying with Qantas departing Brisbane - I bet we are on the same flight! haha and yea I’m staying at the pre accommodation as well! If you like we can go for a bit of an explore together, seeing as I think we’re arriving at the same time! haha we might even be able to help each other through the airport and get share a transfer to the hotel :slight_smile:


I’m flying with virgin not qantas so I get in I think like 45-50 minutes after qantas. But if that works think it’s an awesome idea to get to the hotel together so no random girls walking around lost haha.
If your on fb add me so we can discuss our trip ideas and continue to be excited. I’m Lauren Howell and my pic is me with a brown dog :blush:


Oh ok, that sounds great, I can just wait for you at the airport and meet up to head onto the hotel! Yea I’m on facebook - I’ll go an add you now! :slight_smile:

Do you know of anyone else traveling on this trip? - we should create a facebook group if we start getting more people commenting that their going!


Hi guys,
My name is Lucinda, my boyfriend and I have also booked the Golden States tour leaving the 28th June. We are both very excited and looking forward to meeting you all. We will be coming from Melbourne.:slight_smile:


Hi Lucinda!

Looking forward to meeting you guys! Are you guys arriving the day earlier?


We are Looking forward to meeting you both aswell! We arrive on the 25th so a couple off days before the tour starts. Do you know anyone else on our tour ? i should add you guys on Facebook. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
i was just reading your posts. look forward to meeting you all too. Im arriving afew days earlier, and just planning maybe to do a beach day trip on one day and a ‘movie stars homes’ bus tour the other day. If anyone is interested, feel free to get in touch beforehand, otherwise see you guys at the start of the tour.

cheers Paul


Hey Lucinda! Sorry for the late reply! Yea for sure feel free to add me on Facebook! Name is: Kate Ingram


That’s fine! Okay no worries, I’ll add you on Facebook! Are you here in LA yet ?


No I’m not arriving until the morning of the 27th (so tomorrow!) :grin::grin::grin: so excited!!


Ohh okay! That’s great! We have been here since the 24th it’s been awesome so far!! Not long now till the tour starts.